The Lora Collection from Eskayel

I always love seeing what Shannon from Eskayel is making. Not only if she an inspiring business woman (her contributions to our Biz Ladies lunches were always so thought-provoking), but her designs consistently push the wallpaper field further toward a modern, artistic style. Her latest collection is called The Lora Collection and includes a wide range of watercolor-style prints. I always love how soft and transparent her work feels- it reminds me seeing swimming pool liner patterns through rippling water. Click here to check out the new collection online and contact Eskayel about buying rolls. xo, grace

A Morris - Office Stationery

I love the old style radiator, it’s a shame those things are being replaced with dull old electric heaters etc. There’s someting rustic and fun about them, although I appreciate they’re anachronistic and will eventually be gone altogether. I guess I’m trying to cling to my past! We had them all over my house as I grew up.


Very innovative! I see many patterns that are reminiscent of different origins. Native American, Moroccan, Asian and do I dare and say it, Rorshach ink blots. Those would be suitable for a therapists office or the bedroom. Symbolic and kind of dreamy. Well done!


What chair is that in the last photo (cream padded wood)? It’s lovely just like the wallpapers.


Beautiful monochrome and vintage feel, and I, too saw the inkblots! What does that say about me? :-)


I’ve admired her wallpapers for years. And I finally got a client that was game to use her wallpaper for her entry way! It came out fabulous! The wallpaper that we selected is the one pictured on the first photo.


Wow – PLEASE could you let me know where the white dress came from? Would be a beautiful twist on a wedding dress…. xx