Style Icon: Mama Sponge

In addition to a new editorial theme for this month, May is all about Mothers for me. Mother’s Day is on May 11th, so we decided to do something special for the holiday- and the amazing women who raised all of us. Each week of this month, one of the D*S team members will be celebrating their mom as the featured subject of a Style Icon post! We’ve already had a blast looking through old photos of our team moms (wait until you see Anne’s awesome mom photo in front of the Taj Mahal!) and pick photos that best represent their styles. To kick things off I’m starting with my mom, Elaine. It’s hard to put into words how much I love my mom and how big of an influence she’s been on my life. Along with the love and support of my dad, she’s one of the biggest reasons I feel strong and brave enough to follow my passion and do what I love every day.

I had so much fun going through old photos of my mom that my dad sent over. My mom’s style has changed over the years, but I’ve always associated her with such a classic American sense of style. And this photo of her from 1976 on the back of my great uncle Terry’s boat on Martha’s Vineyard captures her style perfectly for me. I hope this roundup does 1970s Elaine Bonney proud. I sure know she’s made me proud to be her daughter. xo, grace

*P.S.: You’ll all have a chance to share photos of your moms – stay tuned for a new contest update on Friday!

Image above, clockwise from top left: Knot bottle opener $28, Rope Napkin Ring $5, Nautical Clock $60, Rope Handle $15, Palm Leaf Tote $32, Sunglasses $11.99, Indigo Tablecloth $64, Mermaid Door Knocker $95, Starfish Earrings $14, Anchor Paperweight $60, Black Dog Mug $10


I love this post! I used to think of my Mom as being so square in terms of fashion, but, now, looking back at old photos, I find myself wishing that she still had some of those clothes…so that I could steal them! It’s funny how, as we get older, we start to notice our parents coolness so much more than when we did when we were kids.

p.s. I definitely see some family resemblance!


I love so much that you called her Mama Sponge :) She is so classy!

p.s. Mother’s Day is May 12, right? Am I backwards?!


Great post! Just a small quibble: Mother’s Day is May 12th, not 11th. But better early than late! I was thinking it was the 15th for some reason until I saw the correct date in the card section at the store. :)

Caron White

Great post! Am inspired to find some images of my mom on our boat in the San Juan Islands….. 1970’s here we come!


Your mom reminds me a bit of Amy Poehler in this photo (with dark hair, of course!) — aka, super adorable. Great idea for a series!