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Sneak Peek: Leah Goren and Dylan Ousley

by Shannon Grant

Leah Goren is an illustrator and surface pattern designer who runs an online shop that sells products printed with her whimsical, nature-inspired illustrations. (Her Red Cat tank is on Amy’s wish list). She shares this Brooklyn apartment with her boyfriend, graphic designer Dylan Ousley, who runs his own branding and design shop, named Home Ec. Leah describes Dylan’s aesthetic as sparse and Mid-Century modern, while she leans toward pastel colors, floral patterning and decorative odds and ends – much like her work. Though their decorating tastes differ, they certainly don’t clash; rather, they blend harmoniously throughout their apartment and workspace. The dining nook, filled with plants, light and fresh flowers, is their favorite thing about their home. Thank you, Leah and Dylan! –Shannon

Image above: My desk is a 1950s steelcase tanker desk that I bought from a friend who was tired of moving it every time he moved. It’s a serious, powerful desk, and is really, really heavy – I also hope I never have to move it again! Dylan has a similar vintage desk in his area but it’s wood, and we found it at Green Village, a used furniture and clothing store near our apartment in Bushwick. Green Village is a huge warehouse packed with furniture and bric-a-brac from floor to ceiling, and we come here all the time to search for new things.

Image above: Our dining table is the Docksta from IKEA and the rug is from West Elm. The green bentwood chairs are from a Brooklyn vintage shop, and the one mismatched chair was found on our block.

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Image above: Our couch is a hand-me-down from our neighbor. It was his grandfather’s and we couldn’t bear to see him throw it away, so we took it in. It came pre-cat scratched by his grandfather’s cat, Nappers, and it’s really kind of ugly, but I think we make it work with lots of pillows and patterns. The cactus print pillow is my favorite, it’s by Sian Keegan via Society6. We have a second Eames Hang-It-All in here too, this one in walnut.

Image above: These chairs sit opposite the couch. I found them broken and cushionless on the street near my last apartment in Williamsburg, and we had them completely fixed up. The side table is from West Elm.

Image above: This little bookshelf is crammed full of art books, zines, and magazine. Above it hangs a little painting on wood panel by my friend Tuesday Bassen, a couple prints from Becca Stadtlander, and one of my own paintings.

Image above: We have an IKEA butcher block and an IKEA rail and hooks for extra storage that Dylan installed on a shelf he built. This area is super important because we drink tons of coffee!

Image above: I love how green our dining room is (as noted many times as the favorite part of the house!). We built shelves into the window to hold plants and help disguise the bars on the window. The painting is my favorite of all because it’s one of my mom’s from before I was born, and of course because it’s of a cat. She painted Bootsie at the Egyptian apartments in San Diego and it’s perfect because he’s surrounded by plants in the painting and where it now hangs.

Image above: Our apartment doesn’t have any closets, so our bedroom serves that purpose. It’s filled with mismatched drawers and shelves for clothing and shoe storage, and we have clothing racks built-in on the opposite wall. Our bedframe is from IKEA and has drawers below for extra storage. All the other furniture is secondhand.

Image above: I found this cat pillow at a Salvation Army in San Diego for $1 and had to have it. It’s the perfect mix of whimsical, girly, and totally surreal. The bird-print duvet is from West Elm.

Image above: Another grouping of paintings and prints by friends on the right side – on top is a painting by Pete Gamlen and a screen print by Rachel Levit, a painting by Yelena Bryksenkova is below, and a Young Frankk brass collar necklace hangs in the middle. On the left is an old drawing of a girl and boy that I found at the Chelsea Garage Antique Market, another favorite place for finding old things.

Image above: My sewing table is a little vintage farm table that sits opposite our flat files. The chair is thrifted and the flat files were a lucky score on Craigslist.

Image above: This is Moses’s throne. He sits here while we work, if he’s not off causing trouble.

Image above: Dylan and I both love thrift shopping and the thrill of discovering something we love in places other people may not be looking, and most of our belongings come from these shopping adventures. We both have Eames fiberglass shell chairs, and we also have a colorful Eames Hang-It-All.

Image above: This Lulie Wallace painting is the first thing you see when you walk into the studio.

Image above: Our entryway is another of my favorite nooks because of the mix of art and trinkets. The mobile is by Hillery Sproat, the black and white girl screenprint is by Karolin Schnoor, the pink girl painting is one of my own, and the little hanging calendar is by Claudia Pearson.

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