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Sneak Peek: Jessie Webster

by anne

Jessie Webster is a photographer specializing in lifestyle and interiors, and the blogger behind Sweet Thing where she shares photography as well as her love for fashion and interior design. Today’s peek inside her Silverlake, Los Angeles home is so together, it makes it hard to believe she’s only lived there since Valentine’s Day. As soon as Jessie walked in, she fell in love with the charming craftsman details, built-ins and moldings of the home that was built in 1913 (old for Los Angeles!). Jessie is always drawn to spaces that mix eras and her own style leans towards vintage with a slight modern edge. Ultimately, she wanted her home to be warm and a place people want to be; the fact that she works from home so much was extra incentive. Thanks so much, Jessie (and for the awesome photos)! – Anne

Image above: I found this set of antique bentwood chairs on eBay. They are from the Mayo Civic Auditorium and date back to the ’40s. I like to imagine all the music they’ve heard and all the people who’ve sat in them. The dining table is from Restoration Hardware and was on my wish list for quite sometime. As soon as it went on sale, I snatched it up. The pendant is from Ikea and the antique kilim rug gives my house a needed pop of color amongst the many muted tones.

Image above: My bedroom is simple and peaceful. The rug is an eBay find and one of my favorites in the house. It’s worn and slightly falling apart, but I love it. Those three Polaroids hanging next to my bed, were part of a friend’s wedding invitation. I also have one of my Instagrams framed sitting on my nightstand. It goes to show, art doesn’t have to be expensive, just meaningful. The Crate and Barrel bed I found on Craigslist and the kantha and pillow are from West Elm.

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Image above: The first thing I did when I moved in was paint everything white with BEHR Premium Plus in Ultra Pure White Flat paint. Many of the walls were dark brown or gray and all the trim was a yellowy cream. I lived in a house for seven years where practically every room was a different color, so for this house I wanted a change. The chandelier in my living room is by OneFortyThree. I am such a fan of his light fixtures. Next on my wish list is the swing arm wall lamp. The rug and the sofa are both from West Elm. It took me a while to find a sofa that was both modern and comfortable, but the Dunham sofa is just that. The Pioneer chair is from a lovely shop called Joinery. The mid-century magazine rack holds vintage Seventeen Magazine’s with my mom on the cover!

Image above: My father is also a photographer and well known for his rock and roll photography from the 60s-70s. That era and his photographs are a constant source of inspiration for me. Two of my favorites, The Rolling Stones and Nico, sit above my fireplace. The built-in bookcases hold my collection of vintage books and cameras.

Image above: This wall is filled with so many things I treasure. Some are more recent finds like the pyramid wall terrarium from Etsy, or the brass Nate Berkus lamp. Others were picked up in my travels, like the bowl from my time spent at the Zia Pueblo in New Mexico or the various rocks and shells from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. Two of my favorite pieces are the carved wooden face my mother purchased at Nepenthe in Big Sur during her hippie days and my grandfather’s ID card from his time spent in Africa during World War II.

Image above: My office is very adorable at just 36 square feet. It’s right off the kitchen and dining room, so it must have been a pantry or breakfast nook at some point. It’s just big enough to fit my desk and photo equipment, which is really all I need.

Image above: I’ve always loved feathers and what they symbolize. These hawk feathers I found on a walk, which is supposed to be very good luck.

Image above: The print on my desk was given to me as a housewarming gift by my dear friend and artist Lauren Spencer King. An antler is currently serving as a washi tape holder.

Image above: Having built-in storage in an old house is such a treat. I love to make cocktails and it’s the perfect place for my bar and collection of vintage glassware. The two paintings are actually one cut in half. It’s a thrift store find, but my mom had the brilliant idea to cut it in two and place them in frames side by side.

Image above: Lemons from my parent’s tree in Ojai, an olive wood board from West Elm, my favorite Handsome coffee and Mariage Fréres tea and mismatched antique silver I find in various thrift stores.

Image above: The sun sets outside my kitchen window and since living here, I look forward to this time of day most of all. I turn on music, cook dinner and watch the palm tree-filled sky turn all shades of pink and orange.

Image above: I’ve always loved to cook. As a kid I preferred cooking shows to cartoons and would spend my weekends making up recipes for my family to try. A few of my favorite and most used cookbooks are Love Soup and Tartine.

Image above: I am certainly not known for my green thumb, but slowly I’ve been growing my plant collection. Succulents are about as unfussy as they come, which is why we get along.

Image above: A painting by my mother hangs in my sunroom (yes, everyone in my family is an artist), along with a suitcase I found on a street corner and a good fortune ball given to me as a gift years ago from Rooms and Gardens.

Image above: The sunroom is my favorite room in the house. It’s where I spend the most time, whether it’s working on my laptop or chatting with a friend.

Image above: I’ve dreamed of having a clawfoot tub for quite sometime, so when I found this house it felt too good to be true. I painted it black and I love how it grounds the room and balances out the dark wood of my deco dresser.

Image above: In the mornings I like to sit out on my front porch, drink coffee and people watch. My neighborhood is never lacking in interesting people, or outfits might I add.

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  • Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and the stories behind the items felt like we were on a personal tour of your house with you.

  • absolutely stunning – as expected! I’ve been anxious to see her new home and it does not disappoint! I’m especially in love with all of her rugs!

  • What a beautiful home and I can’t believe she’s only been there since February. I’d love to know where she got the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. They’re so cool!

  • this home is gorgeous! there is so much i love about it…actually, i love everything about it! one of my fave Design*Sponge sneak peeks!

  • This is one of my favorite house tours. I could see myself living here. Thanks for the peek!

  • I used to live on the same street as this house, and I always admired it and have wanted to see inside for ages. I’d know that front porch anywhere. I guess my dream has finally come true! What a beautiful home.

  • i’m in love with this home… i love all the original architectural details and furnishings. i would move to LA to have a house like this.

  • A memorable sneak peek. One of my all-time favorites. I can totally imagine myself living this life. Beautiful and inspiring!

  • Love the sneek peak especially the bathroom. Inspiration for my own which desperately needs a refit.

  • Lovely home! The hawk feathers, however, aren’t so lucky (federal offense for you to possess without the necessary native american paperwork) But I am sure that by now they are with your friends at Zia.

  • Love, love, love! Anyone know where that zig zag rug is from? I think it would be perfect for our living room!

  • The home is beautiful.. And then you see its owner – and you’re like – WOW! It feels almost unfair!

  • Such a beautiful home! One of my favorite Sneak Peeks! Did you paint the kitchen cabinets? If so, could you give the color? I’ve been wanting to paint mine, and this looks like precisely the color!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • JESSIE!!!

    this is adorable!!!
    love that photo of you, one of my favorites ever! so cute! love the silver shoes and red lips! YES!

    ps- thanks for the shout out ;)
    pss – mostly i love that you are my new neighbor! !!

  • Love! where is the filing cabinet from in the desk picture? great style and size – like the rest of the house!

  • Hi Jessie. You’ve created a beautiful, beautiful home. Can I ask where you got the bathroom tiles from, and what they are called (also the bathroom sink)? I’ve seen similar in a few homes featured here, and wd really love to use them in our bathroom refit, but can’t track them down anywhere where we live (Sweden)…

  • Love, love, love this house!! I want to live there!! I love the mix of the comfy with modern, clean lines!! Plus, there are so many charming built ins!

  • Love love love your home. I was wondering where you got your bathroom towels from, they are a beautiful shade of grey!!!

  • @Nicole // Thank you so much! Yes the kitchen countertops are stainless steel.

    @Becca // The zig zag rug is from West Elm and is currently on sale http://www.westelm.com/products/souk-rug-b865/?pkey=cflooring-sale&cm_src=flooring-sale||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-&bnrid=3917930&cm_ven=AfCmtyCont&cm_cat=Reward&Style=&cm_pla=GAN&cm_ite=Std

    @Carolyn // The kitchen cabinets were already painted when I moved in. While the previous owners left me about 100 cans of paint, they didn’t leave that one, so sadly I don’t know.

    @Lisa // The filing cabinet is from Ikea.

    @David // Thank you! The tile and the sink were here when I moved in, so I am not sure where they are from.

    @Elisabeth // The Turkish towels are from etsy. Here is the link http://www.etsy.com/shop/bathstyle?ref=seller_info

    @Morgan // The linen bedding is from Restration Hardware http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod2060009&categoryId=cat1580065

  • love this place ! I’ve also gone all white walls, and i want to paint my kitchen cabinets: do you know the color here ? looks kinda greenish cast in the first pic, but more neutral in other shots….

  • THE BEST. Normally I love 1 or 2 elements to a Sneak Peak and store them away as inspiration for later.

    I would not change a thing about this house. I love it completely in its entirety. Would. Not. Change. A. Thing.

  • what a beautiful home. love the white walls with the wood and your bright rugs. very fitting that you are from Ojai one of the most beautiful places ever.

  • can i ask where your table with all the books on it is from? its 9 pictures from the bottom, i have been looking everywhere for one just like it! by the way, your home is stunning!

  • Love this house so much! May I ask where you got the wood shelving unit with the brass accents that your record player is on? Thanks!

  • @Kendal & @Rebecca // that shelving unit is one of my favorite pieces. I purchased it from H.D. Buttercup at their half yearly sale.

  • what a beautiful space! as much as I love good modern architecture, I’m pretty much a character girl at heart. I see so many elements of our own century home in Jessie’s house. I love it.

  • Jessie! Wow! So beautiful and reflective of my own personal taste! In love with the rug under the dining room table! Where did you acquire it??

  • @Louise It was already installed when I moved in, but it’s from Home Depot. I didn’t like the shades so I removed them and just used edison bulbs.

    @Marti thank you! The blinds were already here when I moved in, lucky for me. I believe they were custom, I’m sorry I’m not sure where they are from.

    @Samantha thank you so much! The dining room rug is from Kilim.com

  • Jessie, love your style! Your home is beautiful and looks so peaceful.

  • I love looking through these photos. Such great inspiration for decorating my new home! I love it. Her house actually reminds me A LOT of my first home here in California. So much character!

  • this is a pretty random question, but was the front door hardware already on the door or did you put it on yourself? also where is the rug from your bathroom from? i love your home!

  • A truly lovely & comfortable home – well done! Just curious…Is your coffee table from Restoration Hardware also? I love the rustic/industrial look about it. I’ve seen similar one in different places but I think I originally saw it in a RH catalog. Thank you & many blessings in your beautiful home.

  • Jessie, your home is beautiful — so perfectly curated. I’m renovating a vintage house and love with your front door. Do you have any idea where it came from? Thanks!

  • @Ken the hardware was already on the door when I moved in, so I am not sure where it is from or if it is original. The kilim rug in the bathroom is from a little consignment shop in Ojai called Still in Style.

    @Alaina I looked up antique oriental rug when searching ebay.

    @Eowyn Thank you so much! The coffee table is actually from World Market.

    @Carole Thank you! The front door was here when I moved in. I am not sure if it is original to the house or not.

  • Amazing house. I love the white chairs in the sun room, which manage to look comfy without being too bulky. Can I ask where they are from?

  • Hi Jessie! Love your home. I like the small tree in the grey pot by the bookshelf in the living room- what kind of a plant is that?

  • Hi Jessie,

    Absolutely stunning home… Is there anyway you could tell me the measurements of your dining room kilim rug? (I have exact same table and you seem to have found the ideal dimensions)… Would be a huge help if possible! Thank you for letting us see your stellar style!

  • This is surely the most charming home I’ve seen! I must ask, since everyone else seems to allow themselves the liberty, where did the rug in your bathroom come from? Thank you!