Rules of Refraction: a Toronto glass studio

The art of stained glass has a long – nearly thousand year old history. It always makes the Design History nerd in me happy to find new makers revitalizing old traditions. Rules of Refraction is a the Toronto-based stained glass studio of Mark Savoia.  In addition to his glass work, Mark is also a composer and marketer. This first collection, “Zellige,” is inspired by his recent trip to Morocco and the beautiful mosaic patterns that cover the buildings there. The collection is accompanied by a short film that captures the spirit and inspiration of the pieces. Mark plans to release two Rules of Refraction collections per year, each drawing inspiration from music, art and experience.  I love the idea of hanging these in a window and watching the sunlight shine through them – sounds like the perfect way to spend a lazy summer day. See all the entire stained glass collection here -Amy Azzarito

See photos of Mark’s process after the jump!

Alexandra Pettinato

Oh so pretty! I’m Toronto-based as well, but have never heard of Rules of Refraction. Thanks for sharing – they’re great, and I love to support local businesses.


I love one and totally would get one! Before I do I wish they showed in on a mannequin or model.