I’m going to keep it real- I never bake. Like, ever. The closest I’ve ever gotten was a batch of half-cooked brownies that has sort of become my specialty. It’s delicious if you are someone like me who enjoys the taste of batter. I know, gross. Thankfully my lack of patience with baking doesn’t mean I’m not constantly intrigued and interested in baking supplies. I stumbled onto these awesome cookie cutters from Printmeneer’s shop on Etsy and was delighted to hear they’re all made with a 3D printing machine. I’ve loved seeing all the interesting ways people are using those machines and this one is the best- mainly because it leads to cookies that will hopefully be as tasty as they are cute. Printameer sells a wide range of cookie cutter options that work well for fondant, jelly & soft cheeses, for between $7 and $15 each. Click here to check out their full selection and shop online. xo, grace


These are interesting cutters! Im always looking for new fondant/cookie shapes. Thanks for posting!

Alexandra Pettinato

SO cute! I love the diamond and the chevron pattern :D

I want to try using a 3D printer soon, you can make just about anything. The 3D pen is also pretty amazing – I saw it on Kickstarter, and wanted one real bad.


These are really great it’s funny how you have lived all your life without something and then can need it so badly!


These are awesome! :) Grace, I’ll teach you to bake. If you can learn to sew a bag, you can learn bake a cake (not from a box!) <3


I love all the ships! Why are cooking supplies so adorable even to people who don’t cook?

Sarah from a fine line

O. M. G. Those little cloud cookies make me so happy! And the diamonds, it’s so hard to decide! I’ll definitely be purchasing (at least one) for my daughter’s upcoming bday party!

Kelsey Oseid

I LOVE this! Isn’t it cool when new technology loops around and serves the needs of traditional pastimes and crafts?


Just went to the shop. The diamond cutter wasn’t there–rats–that was my favorite!


Thanks for featuring my cookie cutters!

@Peggy: In order to keep up with the received orders some items are temporarily not available. Please check again in a couple of days, they will become available.


that is so cool! i love the mondrian cutter! and then all you need is yellow red and blue icing! so great!