by Grace Bonney

I’m going to keep it real- I never bake. Like, ever. The closest I’ve ever gotten was a batch of half-cooked brownies that has sort of become my specialty. It’s delicious if you are someone like me who enjoys the taste of batter. I know, gross. Thankfully my lack of patience with baking doesn’t mean I’m not constantly intrigued and interested in baking supplies. I stumbled onto these awesome cookie cutters from Printmeneer’s shop on Etsy and was delighted to hear they’re all made with a 3D printing machine. I’ve loved seeing all the interesting ways people are using those machines and this one is the best- mainly because it leads to cookies that will hopefully be as tasty as they are cute. Printameer sells a wide range of cookie cutter options that work well for fondant, jelly & soft cheeses, for between $7 and $15 each. Click here to check out their full selection and shop online. xo, grace

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