Instagram Challenge

Instagram Challenge: What You Love About Mom

by Maxwell Tielman

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 12, in case you didn’t know!), so we thought it only fitting that this month’s Instagram Challege be devoted to moms everywhere. When we’re young, Mother’s Day oftentimes consists of presenting our mothers with any number of crafty knickknacks, from glitter-glued “coupon” books to shrinky-dink keychains emblazoned with the phrase “World’s Best Mom!” Many of us tend to think of our mothers as “the world’s best,” so this month, we’d love to hear why. On Instagram, upload a vintage photo of your mother and add a caption describing what you love most about her. Don’t forget to tag us (@DesignSponge) and add the hashatag #DSmom. We’ll post our favorites at the end of the month! Our two favorite entries will receive a special surprise! —Max

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  • Here’s a question– how are you guys corralling all these Instagram photos and putting them online? I don’t quite understand it, seemingly don’t understand how to get the photos to put onto another site, even one like Facebook. Would love to do a similar sort of ‘contest’/corralling of specifically-tagged photos for a nonprofit I work for. Thanks!