ICFF 2013 Trends: Green

Growing up, I was obsessed with people’s favorite colors. Any new friend I made in school would be asked that pressing question and I felt defined by my own personal choice: green. To this day I still carry a little torch for fellow green-lovers and hope they’ll be as happy as I was to see that green was everywhere at ICFF. Last year there were a lot of super neon-bright colors (there were still some this year, too), but this year I felt like everywhere we looked, there was a rich jewel-toned green. From the incredible striated chair above to the faceted light below, little pops of green really had their moment. As a green-girl from day one, I was happy to see this trend. I hope you guys will enjoy these green pieces as much as I did. xo, grace

Image above: Green chair by Dirk Vander Kooij (More details after the jump)

Image above: Sconce by Rosie Li for Roll & Hill (My favorite piece from the show, hands down. I wish I had $3k to bring this home).

Image above: Green chair by Dirk Vander Kooij

More gorgeous green designs after the jump…

Image above: Hanging green glass pendants by Artecnica

Image above: Table Chair by Brendan Solinsky of Northern Michigan University.

Image above: Table lights by Neil Conley

Image above: Green glass cloches by Panoramica

Image above: Table lights by Tatsuya Akita

Image above: Detail of green chairs by Dirk Vander Kooij

Image above: Detail of the green striated chair (and production process!) by Dirk Vander Kooij

Image above: Detail of sconce by Rosie Li for Roll & Hill

Josh Urso Design

We dug that Dirk Vander Kooij stuff to. Fit right in with all the process stuff going on at the show: lasers, and robots, and 3-D printing, oh my!


My favorite is green also. I hope when you went to ICFF you saw my nieces collaborative fireplace with Rookwood! Gorgeous and jealous I won’t be there to see it!


Absolutely love green for walls and accessories! Nice to see lighter shades like mint.


I always thought blue was meant to be most relaxing to the eye? Yet I too invested in green for my home gym. A bit harsh perhaps with lots of black and chrome ‘gadgets’ / equipment but it makes me train harder, so i get it over and done with more quickly

Karen Macon

My family room which leads right into the kitchen is a shade of lime green. I LOVE IT!!! It’s time to change color or NOT. Any suggestions?