ICFF 2013 Trends: Geometric Patterns & Shapes

I have a hard time resisting geometric prints and patterns. They’ve been around for a few years now, but they continue to pop up in contemporary designs and they definitely had their moment again at this year’s ICFF. I feel like my entire life is an ode to the humble, but beautiful, triangle so seeing them pop up on everything from tiles and wallpaper to chairs and tables made me very happy. Here are 10 of my favorite geometric designs from this year’s show. I can’t wait to see how designers push this trend forward next year…

If you missed yesterday’s ICFF trends they’re right here: Green and Great Tables.

Image above: Tiles by Keiou Design Lab

Images above: Sofa by O & G Design. I fell in love with that zig zag upholstery.

Image above: A triangle-print wooden credenza from MatterMade.

More geometric designs from ICFF 2013 continue after the jump…

Image above: I loved the grid-shape shadows cast by these chairs. Designed by Carlo Aiello.

Image above: Wooden bench by Gregoire Abrial

Image above: Geometric coasters and pendant lights by Iacoli & McAllister

Image above: Tiles by Keiou Design Lab


Great photos, love this trend. I have some great vintage jewelry pieces on my website with geometric patterns and designs. I don’t think this trend really ever goes out of style. I have pieces from the 60’s-80’s with geometric influences.

Anne Marie Jackson Pattern Occurring

I really like those Keiou Design Lab tiles. We used some like them for our kitchen last year and the give some interest without the risk of dating. Also even though print and patterns are everywhere (and I am a huge advocate of that) I wasn’t quiet ready to go down the printed tile path yet. I’m sure you know some super ones though. If so please share. I’m going to hunt some down too.
Warm regards
Anne Marie Jackson/Pattern Occurring


I love all of these patterns! Especially the zig-zag one on the O&G Design bench. Where can I find that fabric?! I must have it…


Went to ICFF today and loved everything at Iacoli & Allister…god, I’m such a sucker for geometrics, hope I never tire of them!

sally riley

I was at the show and asked about the bench fabric It was hand done for that project! awesome

Parisa Saleki

These are all really cool pieces. Nanimarquina seems to be following the trend too. All of their rugs have the great geometrical patterns as shown here!

Natasha Nuttall

I love anything with triangles or chevrons – can’t wait to get my own place and kit it out in the finest geometric accessories!