Human/House/Harvey: Sunshine Yellow

Human House Harvey: Sunshine Yellow
Whenever someone asked me what me favorite color was as a kid, I would always respond with “sunshine yellow.” Not just “yellow,” but “sunshine yellow.”  (I was a very particular child.)  I just adored the vibrant hue so much and would flock to any piece of wardrobe or decor in that color.  It’s a color that exudes warmth and happiness, so I thought I would share the cheer and round up some favorite items for me, my home and my pup.  And since there is so much wonderful golden goodness out there, I doubled up on some items this week! –Stephanie

HUMAN – Sun dresses and sandals are one of my favorite wardrobe combinations.  I would love to pair these vibrant strappy sandals with a light floral frock while snapping some pictures on this shockingly yellow wide-angle camera. What a great imaginary day that would be!

HOUSE – I’m all about a pop of color in a room with an unexpected piece of decor.  This bar cart would cause a stir (not shaken…ha…a little cocktail humor for you) in my rather neutral living room and this watering can might just be enough water and sunshine for my plants to thrive.

HARVEY – I’m a bit partial to yellow when it comes to the canine realm (my pup is a blondie after all). So this ceramic bowl and  floral bandana caught my eye immediately.

Molly {Dreams in HD}

we are moving into our new house on friday which has a yellow mailbox. thinking the yellow watering can is a must to go on the front porch :)