Human/House/Harvey: Rainbow Style

Human, House, Harvey: Rainbow
What better way to start your Monday than with a vibrant dose of color!  And I mean COLOR!  Rainbows have always fascinated me.  Since learning all about how the reflection and refraction of light creates these beams of color, I’ve been mesmerized by rainbows.  No matter how many times I see one, I always stop, snap a photo and sit captivated by the science.  So as we head into longer days of sunshine, I thought I might pay homage to the vibrant ROYGBIV color palette by rounding up some favorite items for me, my home and my pup!  I hope everyone enjoys a splash of color and sunshine this week! — Stephanie

HUMAN – I’ve recently jumped back on board with running (disclaimer: more like speed walking).  With this newfound appreciation for fitness, I decided it was time to invest in a new pair of sneakers. These colorful Nike sneaks might just quicken my pace and make my run that much more pleasant…visually at least.

HOUSE – I remember seeing these stacking vessels by Piadesign all over Pinterest a while back. I’m simply smitten by the mixed media and colorful glass she uses.  A gorgeous accent to any shelf or table top.

HARVEY – Cleaning up after your pup is one of the only cons of dog ownership (in my opinion).  But instead of getting down on “poop scooping”, why not brighten the experience with this Loop baggy dispenser. You can’t avoid the responsibility (Don’t be a poop! Scoop!), so why not accessorize it instead!


GGGrrrr…those nikes would look super cute on my lady, crushed that they’re out of stock