Human/House/Harvey: Pink

Human House Harvey, Pink
Pink has never been a color I’ve associate with in the past.  Even in all it’s many variations, I just never felt the need to bring pink into my life.  But it just so happens that my mother loves the color (and also looks fabulous wearing it), so every year, as Mother’s Day rolls around, I find myself seeking out the best in pink items.  And wouldn’t you know, as the years have passed, I’ve finally found my own appreciation for the quintessential girly hue and thought I would share some pink favorites for myself, my home and my pup with you all today.  I hope it is a special Mother’s Day for everyone! –Stephanie

HUMAN – I’m not one to follow a brand through all of their various fashion collections, but when Kate Spade introduced Saturday, I immediately jumped on board.  Bright. Happy. Fun.  What’s not to love? Especially this vibrant pink satchel!

HOUSE – Something about a rocking chair in a home screams “bliss” to me.  It’s essentially an invitation for guests (and yourself) to sit down, relax, and rock into a peaceful slumber, and this pink option would make for a happy accent.

HARVEY – I can always appreciate when a fashion designer dabbles in the pet world a bit with well-designed products.  So when I spotted with Ted Baker dog carrier, I was simply smitten.


Love all of these! I might need that bag for summer. It’d be perfect for bike-riding.

Miss Heliotrope

It’s only a “girly hue” in our narrow-minded modern anglo-world, many other places/times it’s male or even just another colour, rather than the official signal for two x chromo-thingies. (sorry, am just fed up with colour coded everything)