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Every Day DIY: Ombre Tassel Placemats

by Grace Bonney

When I was home a few weeks ago for my grandmother’s memorial service, I spotted some adorable placemats on my family’s kitchen table. They were simple bamboo mats that had a few giant tassels on them. Since I’ve never met a tassel or pom pom I didn’t like, I though it would be the perfect project to make on my own- with an added ombre flare. I love the idea of rolling these up to use for picnics, outdoor dinners or just sprucing up your at-the-desk lunch breaks at work. I hope you’ll give them a try or perhaps they’ll inspire a little extra color at your next dinner party. xo, grace

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1. Thread in multiple colors
2. Needle
3. Placemats (I used these)
4. Scissors
5. Piece of cardboard


1. Select your thread colors and organize them from darkest to lightest.

2. Using these tassel DIY steps, make 2 tassels in each colorway (you’ll attach one to each side).

3. Using the spare ends, thread them through the placemat and attach them down the sides of the placemat, knotting underneath and snipping the excess off.

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  • Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandmother died last year and she’s inspired many DIY projects – mostly surrounding her famous banana bread recipe!

    I would also love to know the source of those adorable chevron napkins! Thanks!

  • excellent idea – the tassel can also be used for jewelry like earrings , necklace , clothing etc.

  • Ditto re your grandmother…it’s been over a decade (!!) since I lost the one I knew best growing up. She had her problems…but was she a sewing inspiration. Anyhow, re the tassels, if you can’t make them to save your life, buy some pre-made on a piece of ribbon, snip off what you need. Voila! Tassels, read to go. My go to source for this things is Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL, where there are ribbons galore. It’s not New York City’s Fashion District, but there’s a lot there you can’t get elsewhere in the Midwest.

  • my granddaughter age 5 made a placemat out of construction paper strips in a weaving pattern. i took a paper plate and photocopied it with a black construction paper behind for depth, cut it out and placed in the center of the placemat – found knife and fork for scrap booking, had them enlarged at 200%, then had the entire finished project photocopied and laminated at staples. 4 finished placemats for the kitchen