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Every Day DIY: Mini Resin Paperweights

by Grace Bonney

This week’s Every Day DIY was inspired by the massive piles of paper that are currently smothering my laptop. It wasn’t until I had to clear off my section of our communal desk for a special afternoon tea ceremony treat that I realized how much trouble I was in. Under piles of bills (whoops) were magazines and postcards that needed to be read and filed away, not to mention a few dozen receipts that I’m pretty sure our bookkeeper would like to process. So I decided to come up with a quick-and-easy DIY that would inspire me to keep my various piles in order: mini resin paperweights! The nice thing about this project is that it takes literally 15 minutes to make (5 minutes to prep and mix, 10 minutes to set) and you can place just about anything inside. I chose to make mine sparkly and colorful in honor of this month’s theme, but you could easily place objects inside that are special to you. If you’ve got time for a little crafting break at home this week, I hope you’ll give this one a shot. Have fun! xo, grace

The full how-to is after the jump…

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Clear Resin
Silicone Cupcake Molds
-Glitter or confetti


1. Mix the resin according to the directions on your box.
2. Slowly pour the resin into the silicone molds, adding glitter as you go along.
3. When the mold is full, let it sit for 10 minutes and then peel it out! Voila- mini paperweights!

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  • whhaaa! that’s amazing & easy. i haven’t made cupcakes in forevs, but i’ll be putting my silicone liners to use this weekend :)

  • ohhh, i totally want to make something like this. i had no idea resin was so easy to use!

    have you all ever been to the compleat sculptor on vandam st? I had to go in there for an errand for work and there was so much cool stuff around, weird resin things and tools and just rad STUFF.

  • Don’t forget to let the resin off-gas and do this in a well-ventilated space! The resin mentioned here says it’s low-odor, but resin often involves chemicals that can cause headaches and worse. Be safe!

  • Oh my goodness, these are SO cool! I have never used resin in a craft before, but I’ve already been doing internet searches on where I can buy it. I think these would make such sweet gifts xx

  • Can you use the cupcake moulds for food afterwards, or should they only be used for resin projects?

  • you can buy bags of tiny little sea shells at craft stores or off ebay, i bet those would be fun mixed in too. What a sweet project! Just curious, is the resin waterproof after it dries?

  • Question!
    It says to add the glitter as you go. Do you need to mix it up? How does the glitter get so dense? Is it almost solid glitter?
    I want to make one!

  • I have some silicone molds of jewelry I designed a while back for gold work. I think it would work great for my molds!

  • haha they use resin in violin to rub on the bow for friction and all but this is such a cool idea, I had no idea resin had other uses :)

  • Hello! My daughter and I made these last night, and they turned out nicely, with one exception. They’re dull! The one pictured is so nice and shiny. Some crafting sites say that silicone molds can cause the product to look dull. I was wondering how Ms. Bonney’s turned out so super shiny…?? Thank you.

    Hilary T.

    • Hi Hilary

      Did you let the mixture mix fully first? When we prepped our resin we had to mix two components together and let them sit a bit before adding glitter (every resin has different instructions). When I got impatient and didn’t wait, it came out cloudy. I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing your issue, but that could be it? I’m so sorry that happened- I know how frustrating it is to put time into a project and not have it come out right the first time.


  • Hi
    Could you tell me how much resin approx is needed for each one. Looking to buy some to make paperweights but not sure how much to buy! Thanks