Every Day DIY: Beaded Lamp Pull Cord

Sometimes two heads are better than one. After excitedly planning and making this week’s DIY project, I ran into a crafting snafu- now going on a major fail. The “10 minute drying time” has turned into 24 hours so I had to bag it for today and lean on my trusty teammate, Max to help me come up with something that would be fun, colorful and easy for anyone to make in under 30 minutes. We looked around at our craft supplies and BAM!- Max made a cute pull cord to dress up our super simple West Elm lamp. I’ve always loved projects that are about dressing up existing objects (rather than buying something totally new) so this one is right up my alley. You could easily paint your beads, wood burn a pattern into them (if you want to spend more time adding delicate details) or make clay beads using last week’s craft supplies. But today we’re using simple hemp cord (dyed blue) and beads that match our couch area’s main color theme (orange and red). I hope this project will be one everyone can do on a quick lunch break- or even the bus/train commute home. *If cords aren’t your thing, you could easily tie this into your key chain for a little extra color. xo, grace

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The full how-to is after the jump….


-Hemp cord
-Lamp with existing pull cord


1. Tie a knot in the end of your hemp cord.
2. String your beads on.
3. Tie the end of the cord to either the end of your existing lamp tie (if you want it to hang down low, like ours) or use clippers to trim the existing metal pull and tie it to the top few inches of metal pull cord. Voila! New pull cord :)


Very colorful. I was just wondering, however, if you will be doing some more complicated or more striking DIYs as you used to do? I have missed those very much, of late.
I don’t want to sound ungrateful or critical, I just enjoyed getting my teeth into something more meaty, so to speak. For instance, the wood and leather items (mirror, plant hanger, etc) were quite juicy. Just MHO. :-)

Grace Bonney

hi pkae

yep! we sure do. this series (the every day diys) are designed to be quick 30 min or less projects so they’re supposed to be simple :)



Hi ds-people. If you drill the hole in the bead a bit larger up to half the bead (with a larger drill than the hole, obviously), you can easily hide the knot. Make sure you use some sort of pliers or a vice to hold still the bead. Do not use your hand to hold the bead while drilling!


I love simple & satisfying projects……ah! This is super cute, and adds a little something fun. I’ve got a few lamps that need this… thanks for the idea!


I look forward to your diys each week. Even if you post a project I don’t complete, I usually get a ton of ideas for other projects. This project is a great example. I need a quick gift for a new crafting friend and while a lamp pull is not quite right, I got the idea to do a beaded eyeglass holder necklace. I have some lovely small wooden beads and I am going to use my wood burner to mark them with some eye catching patterns. So thank you and your team for all you do to inspire me every day.

Lizzy B

Great idea, thanks! I have a long pull cord on a ceiling light fixture in the bedroom, that I think would look very cool dressed up like this. Now it just hangs there, a white string that is very boring. Now I know just what to do with it!