DIY Gem Pushpins

Every now and then a craft project falls into my inbox and I’m blown away by how the simplest ideas are often the best. This clever plaster push pin project comes from blogger Mandy Pellegrin of Fabric Paper Glue. She was kind enough to share it here with us today- and she has another DIY great idea we’ll be sharing next week. Thanks, Mandy! -xo, grace

Sure, Pinterest has revolutionized the way we keep tabs on our sources of inspiration, but if we’re honest, nothing can really replace a good old-fashioned bulletin board. They’re not only home to our favorite glossy clippings; they can also be a place to stow and display the items that represent so much more than the visual stimulation afforded on our computer screens — a place to keep the tactile textures of our favorite fabrics, little reminders of life’s events, or sweet handwritten notes. So, why not give these items the presentation they deserve by using pushpins with a little design flair? With this DIY, you’re three steps (four, if you’re ambitious) and about 15 active minutes away from a truly unique set of gem-shaped pushpins. -Mandy Pellegrin

The full how-to continues after the jump…

gem-shaped candy mold
disposable cup and spoon
craft paints and sponge brush (optional)


1. Mix plaster according to the directions in a disposable cup. Using a disposable spoon, fill each mold with plaster.

2. As the plaster begins to become rigid (about 5 minutes), submerge the end of a pushpin in the middle of each mold.

3. Once fully dry (about 30-45 minutes), pop the gems out of their molds.

4. Give the gems a coat of paint in the color of your choice. Or, easier still, leave them the lovely matte white of the plaster.


Fabulous idea from a cleverly crafty lady…so simple and who would have thought…thanks Mandy for thinking! Would sealing coat of polyurethane be beneficial…to help prevent chipping?
Thanks Grace for passing along!

Dianne K

Oh it looks easy to make.Thank you for sharing.


You could probably skip the painting and plaster-mixing by using Fimo or another polymer clay — fill up the molds, pop it in the fridge so the clay cures juuust a bit, then bake away. I’d love to see clay mixed in different gem styles (like the ever-trendy malachite).


The pins are great! What designer/collection is the colored fabric from? It is gorgeous!


I’ll be using clay, as well…love me some polymer! :-) Actually have already done something similar but made magnets as I made a cool metal bulletin board, but I’m sure many will love the plaster pins too. Thanks!


This is great! This DIY could even be used to make drawer knobs :))

Alison at Wallart2u

These are really lovely…and so versatile! I wonder if you could even sew these onto plain curtains or something like that?! Thanks for sharing :)


Having the absolute hardest time finding the large gem candy mold in order to make some of these for myself. I know it’s an Autumn Carpenter mold, yet they aren’t sold on their website (or Amazon, etc.). Does anyone have another source?


I love these! what a simple, and great idea!
I want to make some, but fridge magnets instead.
These are adorable.


Hey Ladies, I’m in Melbourne and would LOVE to buy this mould. Where is it from? I didn’t see in this blog where to buy this mould from.