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  • I am so excited for this series! I love learning about color. Great idea, Amy. And a great start. Purple is my favorite color!

  • So interesting that there are so many shades of purple…I’ve a knitting friend who’s been knitting in shades of purple since before it was trendy. I always gave her a hard time about it. I haven’t seen her in a while…I wonder if she’s moved behind this hue? Me, personally? I didn’t have much of this color in my wardrobe until the recession slammed my wardrobe like a wayward truck on the highway. So what do I have now? Three skeins of a lavender Merino silk blend from LambShoppe in Denver. Knowing me, I won’t do anything with it until the recession is over…then I’ll will look **so** 2013 in whatever I knit. Ha.

  • Later Roman emperors were distinguished by an entirely purple toga, but the Roman elite were in earlier years the only people to wear purple simply because of the high cost of the dye. Senators and upper magistrates were distinguished by a purple stripe on their togas, and an elite woman would certainly wear purple if she could afford it!

  • Nerd Alert: In the 1790’s (?) during a science homework experiment gone wrong, the first chemically created color was produced, the color Mauve. This instigated the Mauve Revolution because it was the first time that all classes could afford to use the color purple.

  • Oh but it’s called Tyrian from Tyre an ancient Phoenician city, also on the mediterranean, which provided Rome with the dye… Tyre still exists, in Lebanon!