Color of The Day: Smalt


I’ve loved this entire Color of the Day series, the histories and the graphics are brilliant!


My favorite color so far. It reminds me of the Crayola “Denim” color. Am I the only one who still uses crayola colors to describe the world?


Very, very interesting this daily history of colours…
Simple yet educational


This reminds me of a bell curve from a statistical analysis. If only university textbooks were this pretty, I’d be more motivated to study harder.

Lynette Manteau

Oh how I miss the color of the day. Surely you could do a color of the week. Pretty please.


Smalt Who knew. I’ve been working with color all my life and never
heard this. Very interesting. Love color of the day.


During my morning walk I noticed an endearing house with smalt colored shutters and thought I want that in my new home that I am in the beginning steps of manifesting – is it divine intervention, I believe so, any comments?


I too am an artist of some years, and I had not heard of smalt. Thanks also for the historical references to cobalt and ultramarine. I happened upon this site while researching a crossword clue. What a nifty idea!

Janet Husband

You state that smalt was made from coarsely ground cobalt blue glass. But where did the cobalt blue glass get its color? I think you meant coarsely ground blue cobalt.