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  • Fantastic color. Naples yellow is a great blend of warm and cool – we just hope it doesn’t drive us crazy like Van Gogh! (We like our ears.) What color did you use for the complementary background?

  • I love Naples Yellow – I use it a lot to achieve skin tones, I never thought to use it in landscapes…good to know :)

  • just LOVE the history lessons I have been receiving via designsponge on the use of colors and what they were made of back in the day. first emerald green, now naples yellow, can’t wait for other colors to learn about. thanks so much.

  • Makes me think of the story The Yellow Wallpaper! Perhaps this attributed to the character’s breakdown.

  • I am a self taught art historian and this is by far one of my favorite subject matters. The Making of Colors, How they are Made, What they are made with, and How the color can affect a composition just fascinates me. Color is Everything…..White is the presence of all color and Black is the absence of all color and everything falls in between.

    • Nancy

      When I google your name this comment/post doesn’t come up at all in my search results on Google (not on the first 3 pages of results). Is it pulling from your cookies or browser history?