Color of The Day: Egyptian Blue


Does this “Color of the Day” series only go on for this month? I’m loving it!


I’ve loved reading these, thanks for all of the near history. I don’t know if anyone has said this already, my apologies if so, just wanted to let you know that the text has been consistently hard to read due to the small size. I thought maybe it was just mobile reading but I tried on my computer too and it’s the same (using an iPhone 5 and 27″ iMac). Thanks again for the cool history!


I’ve been saving the images and I’m going to print them out and hang them as a group. Pretty excited about it.


Reminds me of the Long Beach State pyramid! Go Beach!


I LOVE Color of the Day!

Such a simple and perfect idea!


Lots of blue glass accessories at Look in the Attic & Company

My favorite is the blue glass head!

Maxwell Tielman

Janet— Lapis Lazuli isn’t artificial, but Egyptian blue is—hence its original name, translated as “artificial lapis lazuli.”