Color Day 2013: Product Roundups by Color

I knew when we decided to have an entire day devoted to COLOR that I’d want to roundup my favorite products, organized by color. Though I primarily wear black and white in my personal life, I love to imagine a bolder version of myself that isn’t afraid to dress in head-to-toe blue, red or orange. Not that I can pull off any of those colors from top to bottom, but a girl can hope. Until that day I’ll just try adding in a bright necklace or a pair of blue shoes. Maybe one day I’ll be bold enough to wear one of those neon scarves… xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Striped iPad Case $28, Dotted iPad Case $28, Storage Shelf $149, Rug $1600, Lucy chair/stool $475, Wool Rug $59+, Dot napkin set $16, Grande Pouchette $173, Tea Egg $18, Singlette Earring $4.99

Image above, clockwise from top left: Chopsticks $3.95, Tissue Box $10, Zig Zag Pouf $393, Hour Glass $30, Everett Sofa $999+, Smeg Fridge $1999, Bamboo Straws $7.95, Green wine glass $4.95, Vitra Algues $110, Bike Basket $80

Image above, clockwise from top left: NYTimes Travel Guide to the West Coast $14.99, Paper Stripe Bowl $79, Purple Mug (part of a rainbow set) $60, Amethyst Terrarium fillers $2-$6, Wallis Chair $1298, Gummy Bear on a stick $12, Latte Bowls $20, Rope Lamp Base $150, Hexagon Studs $30, Magazine Box $18

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Image above: 1. modern wall shelf $22 | 2. yellow tassel key chain $38 |3. hyper sport digital watch $19 | 4. my tea pot, yellow $64 | 5. baggu reusable bag in ostrich $9 | 6. fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera $100 | 7. perch table lamp, yellow $69 | 8. gloss triple wrap $45 | 9. gola sneakers $58 | 10. peeler in yellow $17

Image above: 1. chain bracelet $30 | 2. polka dot socks $22 | 3. carpenter bright orange lamp $69.95 | 4. kate spade small square studs $38| 5. flamingos pouch $65 | 6. orange herringbone guest towel $20 | 7. stacking chair $69.95 | 8. enamel pottle $135 | 9. isabel marant beaded hoop earrings $155 | 10. martini side table $149

Image above: 1. bell alarm clock $65 | 2. newgate wall clock $60 | 3. first aid kit $29.95 | 4. nugget leather wrap bracelet $55 | 5. bluma brio triple bracelet $60 | 6. herschel supply co seventeen pack $25 | 7. cord pendant tomato red $240 | 8. drift wood hook, red $25 | 9. alvaro backpack $62.99 | 10. literary classics set $199.95



Anne Marie Jackson/Pattern Occurring

Colour day should be a international holiday! I love all the fantastic images and history you have shared. I am a textile designer and am always looking for unexpected colour combos. My go to place is always fine art and history. Colours conger so many feelings but often have untold stories. Thanks so much.


Love it all, but there is a mint green shelf in the blue section :-)


The world should be organized by color, it’d be so much more whimsical. Love the green Smeg fridge! That gummy bear on a stick makes me wonder if I’ve had enough snacks today, I’m not sure how I feel about that. St Petersburg Architect


Ahhh! I absolutely LOVE that you amazing people at Design Sponge have started posting about color~
Not a whole lot of people realize how much of an influence color can be in their lives. I can’t even begin to explain how warm my heart gets I get when I see a good color combo! Keep it coming!

Alex at Printer Inks

An excellent selection – blue is for me, I think. I’ve definitely had a swing towards yellow lately, though, seeing as it’s spring. I need honey bee/bumble bee stuff for the next few months. Spring demands this stuff – thanks Design Sponge more please!


it seems like not all preview pictures show up with descriptions in the article? I would so love to know where the dress in the “yellow gold” pic comes from! nice collection of colors and items, anyway! :)

Grace Bonney

hi elvira

please just view the full post (not an individual image file) and you’ll see all the credits :)



thank you grace for your fast reply! but there are still 3 images missing here…don’t know what I am doing wrong – I once came via my rss-reader and the second time from your homepage. all the best, elvira


I can’t see a bunch of the products either, just the thumbnails. I’d really like to see the product info of the yellow one with the umbrella.