Color Day 2013: Inspired by Artwork

I always lament not being able to paint. I tried and tried when I was in college, but much to my dismay (and my professor’s), I just couldn’t make it work. I felt at ease with printmaking, but the rich colors of oil paints always tug at my heart strings. So for today’s color day, I decided to take inspiration from one of my favorite painters, Charleston’s Lulie Wallace, and round up designs that remind me of one of her gorgeous paintings (above). I love all of the floral scenes Lulie paints, it gives me a chance to indulge in my love of bright pinks, greens and yellows. xo, grace

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Image above: 1. Striped Candles $24 | 2. Mint Bud Vase $20 | 3. Siesta Pillow $28 | 4. Turks Chandelier $925 | 5. Disco Band Necklace $245 | 6. Square Chip Boxes $58 | 7. Ribbon Stool $871 | 8. Borghese Sofa $5175 | 9. Dip Dye Napkins $22 | 10. Textured Plate $24

Lulie Wallace

Thanks Grace:)!! So very appreciative for the shout-out!!


Grace, you should just paint anyway. Who cares if it’s “right” :)


Color Day 2013: Inspired by Artwork
It’s beatiful, goodluck ;)

nancy masters

Lulie Wallace is so good! I really like her work.

Meredith Walker

I love Lulie Wallace! Just purchased one of her beautiful paintings. I’m so in love with it :)!


late to this but I feel ya on the whole painting thing. I just can’t seem to do it either! printmaking is my love though :) and I have started painting envelope liners instead of printing them. baby steps!


rich colors happen in printmaking all the time! painting does not own great colors! just sayin’.

Blenda Tyvoll

Oh my goodness, now I have discovered a new favorite artist. I found my way over to her website and I must say Lulie Wallace’s artwork is just beautiful.