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Brimfield 2013: What We Brought Home

by Grace Bonney

This year marks the fifth year that the D*S team has traveled to western Massachusetts to attend, and revel in, the madness that is the Brimfield Antique Show. Launched in the 1950s, Brimfield is the largest and best-known outdoor antiques show in the US. It is basically the biggest, craziest and most incredible antique show we’ve ever seen. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen celebrities brush elbows with Red Hat Society ladies from Florida, clam chowder sellers from the Cape, hipsters from Tokyo and New York buyers from JCrew, Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren and Rag & Bone. This year, Max, Amy, Hope and I rented a mini van and headed north to see what we could find to help us style photography for our next book. Surprise!– we’re doing a second book! Details coming soon…

Today I wanted to stick to our tradition of showcasing the old, wonderful and sometimes whacky things we brought home with us. Last year it was all about one-of-a-kind pieces, in 2011 it was all about glass & metal and 2010 was dedicated to jewelry and textiles. But this year we focused primarily on finding beautiful objects we could use to decorate style in photographs for our second book, which will be all about making things by hand. From marbles and bouncing balls to vintage silverware and spools, we tried to gather as many interesting craft-related objects and brought them home to hopefully find new homes in DIY project photos. Stay tuned for more of the cool objects we saw at the show! xo, grace

Image above: 1. We found a booth filled with old tins and got all of them for $11 | 2. A wooden bowl with a great patina for $15 | 3. We purchased a bag of beautiful vintage marbles for $20 | 4. This fantastic pie tin was $5 | 5. Amy got obsessed with the bouncy ball colors and picked out her favorites in design*sponge color palette | 6. A great expandable ruler | 7. We were on the hunt for anything with a great patina and this tray certainly made the cut. | 8. Vintage pens in great colors | 9. Silverware was high on the needs list | 10. Dog head-shaped candy/chocolate mold | 11. An old paintbrush with a great colored handle.

Image above: A closer look at the patina of the pie tin and the beautiful bouncy balls. (Amy got suckered into a painted rock scheme.)

See all of our Brimfield finds after the jump!

Image above: The worn wooden bowl and vintage marbles.

Image above: Thread on vintage spools plus a yarn ball – in our favorite colors!

Image above: 1. A stand to hold the vintage spools of thread | 2. great vintage scissors | 3. At $20, the vintage book was a bit of a splurge but we loved the marbled endpapers so much that we couldn’t pass it up! | 4. Vintage photographs | 5. A lassi cup | 6. typeblocks

Image above: At $10 for three the vintage letter boxes felt like a real score. They reminded Amy of when she worked at the New York Public Library.

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  • What a great haul! We hit Brimfield on Thursday on our way to a weekend in Shelburne Falls and also have some great finds to share later this week.

    I love the lassi cup – what do you think you will you do with yours? I have two from a great estate sale, but I haven’t broken them out yet. I was thinking of little candles or small blooms…

  • Wow I like those letter boxes. I have one that is newer with flowers on the outside but I love it. The shape it great and they are nice because of how they lay down or stand up. I have not seen one of those expanding rulers in years. I know my dad and a lot of dads used to keep them in their tool boxes.

  • Awesome! I now live (in VT) under 2 hours from Brimfield and just heard about it for the first time a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve seen it featured on D*S, I will have to plan a road trip to their next show, as it definitely seems worth it! Thanks for sharing.

  • What’s number 10? The metal dog head? You skipped it or I’m not reading it correctly. That’s the only one I wondered about! :)

  • Jealous! Great finds–love the pie tin, bowl, and letter boxes! How do you narrow down the search? I think I would be completely overwhelmed with all the cool stuff.

  • see, I knew I should have bought those letter boxes at that church sale (for $1 each!)….(sigh) when the nagging “what’re ya gonna do with those and more important: where are ya gonna put ’em” voice wins….

  • I live about 10 minutes away and until a few years ago (I was old enough to care) I never realized how MAJOR it was! I go every year now to all the shows even if its just to poke around looking for trends and of course people watching. I’m jealous of your letter boxes, nice haul! & congrats in your second book!

  • Love what you brought back. I bet it was such a fun trip altogether. But mainly I’m just ridiculously excited about the new book. Woohoo! Go D*S!

  • I set up at Brimfield for the first time this year. I don’t know what is more fun, buying or selling. Happy as a kid in Disney! (Have you seen the stars shaped from folding rulers?)

  • This March my husband & I went to the antique fair in Roundtop & Warremton TX. Lots of fun & great finds. I don’t like anything you brought back from Brimfiled this year & I thought the prices you paid were high. The items from past years have been great. It will be interesting to see how you incorporate them in design.