Weekends with Friends: Bike Ride Adventure – Part One

I woke up this morning to walk Hope and was shocked to feel that it was already warm and sunny at 6am! I checked the weather on my phone and nearly fell over when I saw that, after two utterly depressing days of rain and gloom, we’re finally back to sunshine and 75 degree temperatures! It’s the perfect weather for gathering with friends outside, so we decided to come up with a 2-part adventure that will hopefully inspire you and your friends to spend some time exploring your city on two wheels.

Amy and I got into bikes in a big way last year, and Max has an adorable red vintage bike, so we decided to dedicate this adventure idea to the perfect weekend bike ride. I love few things more than staying close to home over the weekend, so we decided to create an invite template that would work for any hometown neighborhood. The idea is to gather with your friends on bikes, discover all of the best parts of your city and wrap up the day with a delicious (gathered) picnic in a local park. We’ll be sharing our own Greenpoint adventure next week (and our map this week!), but this week we’re starting by giving you the tools (2 print-out downloads and 2 DIY ideas) to build your own adventure for the summer months. For even more inspiration, be sure to follow our Weekend Bike Ride Board on Pinterest!

I hope this will inspire some fun bike rides this spring and summer. If you take your friends out on your own custom adventure, we’d love to see your pics! Just send them to us in the comment section or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

The full how-tos and downloadable invites and map are after the jump!

Photos & Styling by Maxwell Tielman.

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Invitations: Download customizable invites here

Map: Here’s the map of the adventure we’ll be taking next week that you can join in if you’re in the area!

Food tips: Always good to stay hydrated and energized! Ball Jars (the new Heritage editions are featured in the photos) double as drink tumblers and storage containers for trail mix and snacks.

DIY Bike Envelope + Invites:

To create a bike-themed envelope for our invites (which you can customize for your own adventure), we used manilla envelopes stamped with this bicycle stamp. We used white ink which takes a while to dry, so just make sure everything is fully dry before you pack it up and hand it off to friends.

DIY Bike Flags:

If you really want to get into the bike theme, you can make your own bike flags to mark your bike “team”. This would be a great way to to divide into teams if you want to turn your adventure into a challenge! To make ours, we used canvas pennants (You could easily make your own by cutting triangles from old dish cloths or fabric) and taped them off and painted them to make stripes. Just hang them from your seat or handlebars (or a pole on the back if you want to go old-school) to designate your official bike team!


Love it! Puts some bikes on that pinterest board too, I know I’m in the market and I’m probably not the only one.


Cute and clever you. I love it. I’m posting it to my FB for all my bike riding friends.


Wish I was in NYC next weekend to join y’all! So fun!

stephanie @BabaSouk

So lovely! Love the styling of your pictures and the invitations with little bikes are so cute! Happy weekend, I’ll be riding for sure! ;)


I used to do this with friends in Chicago as a pub crawl of sorts. Every month we would pick a different neighborhood to explore. So much fun! We were called the Pedal-philes (terrible, I know ;)


This is a super cute idea, but the particular map posted is kind of silly for a bike ride…seems like 1-2 miles tops and much easier to just walk than to lock-up at each destination. Good inspiration for a longer ride though!


This is super cute! If my husband’s birthday wasn’t happening this weekend (and if it didn’t take longer to unlock, ride and then lock my bike back up than it does to walk in between all of the Franklin strip stops) I’d totally hop on! This is good inspiration though to break our bikes out of storage and do something, maybe go to the Palisades, something like that.


i am so going to make that when i buy a bike! my old one was stolen in europe and now i am torn between a folding one or a vintage beauty. wither way it will be in need of a basket and a flag :D


Love the designsponge bike map print! Similar inspiration I use for my hand-cut papermaps!


Cycling is the chic-est way to get around! I’d love to recreate this idea here in Amsterdam :)


I can’t wait to get a bike so I can have my own Brooklyn Bike Adventure. This will be my first resource.

Nikki C

This is such a fun and clever way to get friends together on the weekend. The canvas flags are a great idea to inspire a little friendly competition. For evening riding try making the flags out of brightly colored paper for better visibility. I found these recycled paper ones from JamPaper that are cheap.