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Best of: Rainbow Colors at Home

by Amy Azzarito

When it comes to decorating, there’s perhaps nothing braver than going with a rainbow color scheme. It takes a certain amount of confidence that I’m not sure I possess. When done correctly, there’s nothing that is quite as cheery as a rainbow. It’s also the perfect end to our month-long celebration of color. Here some are home owners who have done it right. Grab your paint and go! –Amy Azzarito

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Image above: Home owner Meghan Mcewen had been obsessing over French wallpaper that was out of her budget so she decided to get the same look with paint. She cut a cardboard triangle, traced it over and over onto the wall, and then painted each square. See all of Meghan’s creative Detroit home here.

Image above: Joy Thigpen hand-painted an ombre rainbow in her daughter’s room. See the rest of Joy’s colorful Atlanta home here.

Image above: If you want to dip your toes in a rainbow color scheme, multi colored chairs might be just the way to do it. See more of this extremely colorful and fun Australian home here.

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Image above: Instead of a headboard, Shelley Goldberg painted a colorful striped mural on her bedroom wall. See all of her vibrant Brooklyn home here.

Image above: The orange wall in Kelly Oshiro paired with a vibrant tablecloth and navy chairs creates a bright, happy dining room. See all of Kelly’s colorful Santa Barbara home here.

Image above: Katia Graeff’s vibrant kitchen is a nod to her partner’s West Indian heritage. See more of her colorful French home here.

Image above: If you can’t decide on one tile color, why not just go with all of them? The look works in Megan Price and Robert Shadbolt’s kitchen because everything else is kept neutral. See more of the couple’s home in Manchester, England here.

Image above: This door has little Pantone reference panels for every color for a stained glass effect. See all of the details in this Italian home right here.

Image above: Lotta Nieminen had this frame but couldn’t find any artwork she liked to go in it so she created her own. The rainbow collage is compiled of colorful papers. See more of Lotta’s artistic New York home here.

Image above: The colorful blanket on Monya and Jeremy Eastman’s bed was hand knit by Monya’s mom. See more of Monya and Jeremy’s home is Cape Town, South Africa here.

Image above: A Herman Miller rainbow sectional sofa and vintage rainbow prints make Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud’s home feel light and bright. See the rest of their colorful California home here.

Image above: Designer Tina Frey likes to pair white paint walls with accessories that really pop like this rainbow carpet (from Ikea!) and red credenza. See more of her San Francisco home here.

Isabelle Rivoire-Grange’s entire bathroom was originally covered up with these glass tiles. It was a little overwhelming (particularly in the morning) so she decided to keep them only on the floor. See all of Isabelle’s Paris home here.

Image above: Another way to dip your toes into the rainbow . The side table is made from old Palaset parts (Palaset is a classic Finnish shelf stystem). Home owner Susanna Vento then painted the multi-color triangles. See more of her Finnish home (with lots of black and white!) right here.

Image above: Carla Caruso’s dog, Lola, was scared of the narrow steep steps so Carla sewed six Dash & Albert area rugs together to make a runner for her.  See more of this creative Massachusetts home right here.

Image above: Ikea storage boxes – some painted in rainbow pastel colors – make the perfect headboard in this bedroom in Copenhagen. See the entire home right here.

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