Best of East Coast City Guides

by Stephanie

With summer fast approaching, I’ve got travel on the mind.  While I no longer get my three months off from school (a girl can dream), I do often get a serious case of the travel bug as the temps begin warming up, and I just want to hit the road.  So I thought it might be fun to do a few “Best of” roundups  to help get the planning started on some extended travel this summer.  From East Coast to West Coast and more, we’re going to share a list of our city guides from different regions, starting off with the East Coast. —Stephanie

If there’s a city you think needs to be added to list that we haven’t covered yet and you’d like to write the guide for, please shoot me an email at stephanie@designsponge.com.  I ‘d love to hear from ya!


“If seeking the Connecticut of a certain classic Christmas film or Mr. Blandings’ dream house, head up the Saw Mill, hop the Harlem Valley MTA line or mosey down Route 7, and there it is. Just know there’s also a modern, sophisticated side with yoga studios, art galleries and restaurants dedicated to sustainable food.” – guide author Jacque Lynn Schiller


“Built in 1807, the Portland Observatory is a very special Portland landmark. In the Summer you can take a 45 minute tour most days and learn all about the sea captain-turned-entrepreneur who ordered it built and get a great view of the city. This spot is tucked into the East End so you can take a peek at some beautiful old houses on the promenade just down the way.” – guide authors Karen Gelardi and  Maria Vettese


“Brimfield, MA, is known primarily for the thrice-yearly flea market that consumes the worldwide design, decorating and collecting communities. What many don’t realize is that the local area is home to a slew of treasures not related to the market itself, which are nearly as charming and exciting as the spools of vintage textile or the cut-glass drawer pulls that can be hunted down at the market.” – guide author Meaghan Dunn

Hoboken, NJ


“Hoboken was made famous as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, the filming location of the Marlon Brando movie On The Waterfront and the music venue “Maxwell’s” where Bruce Springsteen filmed the video for “Glory Days.” Hoboken is also the town of many firsts, including inventions like freeze-dried coffee, bubble wrap and ice cream, as well as the first organized baseball game and the first brewery.” – guide author Louise Gale

Hudson Valley, NY


“The quality of fresh local food and really fine restaurants here is incredible. There are wineries, cheese makers, grass-fed organic meats of all kinds, family-run farms and orchards. Because of its proximity to NYC and the Culinary Institute, the Hudson Valley has a variety of fine dining choices.” – guide author Raina Kattelson

Fredericksburg, VA


“Equidistant from Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA, Fredericksburg is perhaps best known for the University of Mary Washington and its civil war landmarks, battlefields and the many places where George Washington slept, but it’s much more than that. It’s also a sweet piece of small-town America with a fast-growing art, food and design scene at its historic downtown core.” – guide authors Heather and Mickael Fonteneau


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