Before & After: Rebekah’s Kitchen Corner Makeover

Now that the busiest part of our year is over (see you next year, trade shows!), I can dive back into Before & Afters! I’ve been swamped with travel and work lately so it’s been exciting to get back into submission emails and check out the great makeovers you guys have sent and to hear about the exciting summer renovations some of you have planned. Next week I’ll have a full set of makeovers to share, but for today I wanted to focus on this little kitchen nook re-do. Mainly because it’s a great example of how changing just a small part of a space can have a huge impact on the overall room.

Rebekah Gough (who has shared some great projects with us before) ripped out her current rental home’s “ugly 90’s-era built in desk” and replaced it with a beautiful blue hutch. While it sounds simple, she and her husband did all of the manual labor themselves and chronicled the process on her blog, here. We’ve all dealt with those generic wooden cabinets that most rentals have (mine are a blonde color and I loathe them) so it’s great to see how these can be updated for something that feels colorful and fun, but neat and streamlined at the same time. I think the combination of this corner makeover with the changing of the dining room chairs makes such a big impact on the overall kitchen. A big virtual high five to Rebekah and her husband for this great redo. xo, grace

More images of the makeover continue after the jump…

During the renovation process


There is not one thing about this makeover that I don’t like. turquoise is my favorite color. The legs under the cabinet make the room appear larger and everything looks brighter. Good job.


How inspiring! I could only dream of updating my kitchen like that. Definitely a great update.


amazing! its seems like so little has changed but it made such a big difference!

Yvonne Cornell

Peek-a -boo. Do I spy a sweet new chandelier too!? We have this exact same cabinetry in our 90’s kitchen. You’ve inspired me to start with a corner too :)


Very nice. Will they have to reinstall it when they move out?

Alex - Office Furniture and Supplies

The new design’s very vibrant – terrific matches of colour. Even Frasier Crane would be proud of that lot – it’s eclectic. The “blue hutch” (a brilliant name!) is the highlight, I think, so well done all round. When I eventually own a house (probably in a about 20 years at my rate) I’m looking forward to letting rip with my amateurish design brain.

Fran Pelzman Liscio

It’s beautiful, fresh and inviting—and smart, too! In my experience, those built in kitchen “desks” are just magnets for clutter, and tend to look unkempt. By replacing it with that lovely display and storage hutch, they can keep things neat, organized and put away, making the whole space more functional as well as beautiful.


That blue hutch is amazing. As soon as I have a real kitchen, I am recreating it!


I am so impressed with the renovation to the floor (checked it out on Rebekah’s blog). Congratulations on a stunning job done!


I would love to see the kitchen cabinets white!


Any idea about the specific color name or brand? It’s perfectly lovely.


I love the pop of color of turquoise cabinet. The kitchen was in need of some pop of color. However I couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed when I viewed the picture of the kitchen entirely before and after. It would have been nice to see that the make over spilled over the whole space. Maybe the budget just was not all there to do such an extreme make over but some paint and added touches here and there to marry the whole space does not require such a large budget.

Moniek Mikkili online design

Love the soft turquoise you used for the cabinet. It gives a lot a brightness in the kitchen. It give your cups, glasses and other kitchenware at special touch. Especially the yellow accents. :)


I think it is really important that while the hutch is a bright color, it is a very simple and basic piece. It looks gorgeous– can’t even believe it’s the same room!


That small change really brightened up the room and I love the turquoise, it works really nicely with the dining set and the white wall.


Yes, PBKMaine! Also, can you do without the closet (is it a closet?) that the turquoise piece is next to? It would really open up the room… You did an amazing job and keep us all updated!


Wonderful! Printing this out for inspiration in our kitchen :)