before and after

Before & After: Aunt Peaches’ Wallpapered Fridge

by Grace Bonney

While I’ve become something of a minimalist lately when it comes to patterns, I love seeing other people embrace bold patterns in their homes. This makeover come from Aunt Peaches, who used removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper to give her fridge a serious face lift. As a renter, I love this project. Mainly because you don’t need to own anything here to take a risk with pattern- just remove it when you move on to a new space. Has anyone else out there made over their fridge (or other kitchen appliances) in an interesting way? I’m dying to see more examples because my bummer of a cream-colored fridge needs a serious re-do. If you’ve got a great example just shoot me an email right here. xo, grace

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  • I’m with Marissa, details on the cabinets please! I have the same cabinets now and have been desperately searching for a way to update them!

  • I was gifted an old cream colored fridge that clashed horribly with the rest of the appliances (stainless), so I painted it with chalkboard paint. My husband and I love it! We write down groceries lists, to do lists, and messages to each other on it. Plus, my friends’ kids have a blast drawing all over it when they come over.

  • Could you use earl wallpaper for this? If so, what kind of adhesive/ paste would you use?

  • Actually, I think I would have liked this just on the SIDE of the fridge…

  • now that i’m looking at it again – it seems the cabinets have been covered in book pages, perhaps?? –nevermind..was thinking it was reflective brass :)

  • Love this! I’m so over stainless steel appliances and would love to see more transformations like this. If only this would work on ovens too. Lisa’s chalk board paint is another good idea.

  • LOVE this idea/product! looking at patterns for my fridge and dishwasher right now! thanks for sharing :)

  • I’m interested in the following:

    For a stainless steal, because of the lack of texture, I’m assuming she used the standard paper option they offer. I have a regular white fridge, so there is a bit of that texture to it, I wonder if the paper would still hold well, or if the luxe option would be better.

    Do you know what kind she used?

  • The cabinets look like it could be modge-podge pages out of a vintage book or magazine? Very cool effect!

  • Thanks everyone :)
    *I used the standard version. The luxe version is only for bathrooms or rooms with extreme temperature changes. It’s the same satin finish either way.
    *The paper is easy to work with. Very easy. Just peel and stick — easy to adjust if you make a mistake. This took maybe 30 minutes including taking off the handles (some fridges might be more challenging on that front).
    *The cabinets are newsprint decoupage with brass hardware. Outdoor Mod Podge makes them easy to clean.

  • did you go around the corners and sides or is it strictly on the ‘face’ of the fridge

  • by removable wallpaper…do you mean mac tac type vinyl that you line drawers etc with?

    • deb

      it’s similar, but not the same. please check out the site i linked to above for the wallpaper, it explains how it works :)


  • Thank you for sharing this. I have been thinking about what to do with the oddly stained fridge we inherited from the previous owners of our new home.

  • I would never have thought of putting wallpaper on a frig. I had to buy a new frig and the only one I could get was a white one for the space and now it looks out of place with my beige stove.
    I am definitely going to look at doing the frig

    Thanks so much for sharing

  • This is somewhat strange. Don’t believe I’ll be doing this any time soon.

  • I’d love an update on this to see if it’s still functional/good-looking…How does this stand up over the long haul?