Before & After: Andi’s Painted Guest Room

As color month comes to a close, I’ve been trying to find some great before & afters that feature paint as their primary makeover material. This cute guest room makeover comes from Andi Teague of Quiet Home Paints, so she knows a thing or two about using organic paints to transform spaces. Andi’s attic guest room had been relatively untouched for a long time, and the slanted ceilings meant that traditional headboards wouldn’t fit. So Andi decided to paint them using bold blue chalkboard paint. This would work well for any guest, but I think this is such a fun idea for kids. It would be so fun for them to be able to write their names or even little poems or song lyrics. Thanks so much to Andi for sharing this with us! xo, grace

Have to say the before was also really beautiful. Especially the contrast between the bare white walls and the red house and tree just outside the window. The pillows really added a pop of colour which tied in well too. The after is much bolder and more sophisticated though.


I really like the “Before” room. The pillows = lovely and unique.


Love the room, but the link in the post doesn’t work!


I love the blind – would love to see how it is made.


I love, love, love the after. I learned something: a lamp just in front of a window can look amazing. I would never have thought to do that !


To be honest – the “Before” room is much more inviting to me.


I find the before picture very appealing. It has a very European feel. Love the pillows. I also like the whole no curtain/nothing in front of the window.

Julie D.

No Way!!! The after is sooo much better! Love it! Nice job Andi!!


Really? Is that it? The after looks nice and fresh, yes… but if you turned up the photo brightness on the before photo to the same extent it has been on the after picture then it’d look just as vibrant and new. I’m intrigued to see the rest of the room.

Gretchen Krampf

Andi, you rock color and thanks for making it EZ for us to create our spaces so well. Ready to do something fun at Heartwood on Orcas and looking at colors from your line.

Patricia Cunningham

I love those painted headboards. They are as nice as any you’d buy and it’s great to think they could’ve been created with half a tin of left over paint. If you’re on a really tight budget it’s worth asking decorating friends for left over paint they’d otherwise leave to dry out. Triciax

J Reynolds

I’ve been slowly converting everything in my house to organic based products. First I started off with my food, and then clothes. Now, I want to remodel my house to not only be organic, but to incorporate as much green technology as possible. After researching tons of organic clay paint, or milk paints, I’ve decided on my brand and now I just need to pick out colors. What color’s would you suggest for a room with a medium grey carpet?