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After the Jump: Raising the Bar for your Business

by Grace Bonney

For this week’s radio show I decided to do something different- a solo show inspired by what has been a very intense and difficult few months. Despite all the happiness in my life right now (puppies!), I have been facing some major hurdles at work and only recently found the confidence, energy and strength to see my way through them. The process of getting past the hurdle and learning to see it as an opportunity to grow and be better, rather than a reason to give up, was something I thought everyone could learn from, so I devoted today’s entire show to listening to your gut and seeing hurdles and chances to improve.

I have been getting about 3 hours of sleep a night with my new puppy so please forgive my frequent slip ups in this episode. I had a lot of information to fit in this short 30 minute slot and not a lot of sleep on which to read it. Thanks for your understanding- I think the information is applicable and hopefully valuable to just about anyone reading. Whether you’re a blogger or small business owner, challenges are a guarantee and learning to see them as a chance to reaffirm your core beliefs and trust in your own strength and talent is a great tool to serve you in business and life. Finding my self-confidence again through this tough time lead me to take risks that have really paid off lately- not only in exciting new work projects but in a fluffy new friend to keep Turk and I company at home. I hope you’ll enjoy the show. Thanks for listening! xo, grace

*P.S.: The radio station that hosts my show (Heritage Radio Network) is having a pledge drive all this month, so if you have a chance to check it out and possibly donate, I would greatly appreciate it. We aren’t paid for our shows and do it from a place of pure passion and love of information, so any help or love you can send this great non-profit radio station is a huge help. Thanks!

LISTEN: You can download the podcast on iTunes here, or stream it here on Heritage Radio.

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  • Thanks for this radio show. This is exactly what I need to hear now. I’m re-starting my business full-time after taking a 2-year break to be a full-time mom. Things have changed a lot in the design scene. Listening to this show gives me a boost of confidence to keep going! Thank you, Grace!

  • Thank you for sharing so much of yourself! I am an artist and grad student and even though a lot of the specifics of what you talk about don’t apply to me, the larger message resonates deeply. Thank you for being such a strong, thoughtful, honest role model for women like me.

  • I am so excited to listen to this, I keep coming back to your last solo show on work/life balance. It helps so much to know that other people struggle with similar issues, especially Grace because it all seems effortless on D*S.

  • Hi Grace. Certainly this was a wake up call for me. I just started a small business last year and I am currently facing some challenges as well. This is my dream and now I’m starting to do it, financial challenges are already in the way. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that life is not always a walk in the park and we have to go through some world shaking decisions for us to grow. Thank you and i’ve been an avid fan of your blog ever since. Thank you for the powerful words and continue sharing them. God bless you!:)

  • Hi Grace, this was certainly a wake up call for me. I just started a small business last year and i’m also in a predicament already. I definitely learned a lot from your podcast and will apply the things you shared. It is a reminder that life isn’t always a walk in the park and we need to be shaken up a bit for us to grow. Thank you for the powerful message and continue sharing them. God bless you!:)

  • I did not know you had a podcast, I’ve actually been looking for advice on the design business. I’m a youngin’ graphic designer (well, we’ll pretend I’m still young) and I got so excited to find this! Also, Kristina Gill, LOVE that she mentioned Turkey, because the food there is soooo delicious, and even the apricots and tomatos just taste different and fragrant. Anyway, thank you for sharing all of these!

  • This comes at such a CRUCIAL time for me. Have been a design blogger for 3 years, Interior Designer in firms for 17 years, and JUST starting my own Business “Design Thoughts” ( named after my blog) with my first “on my own” client. Its exciting, but so scary, I have to remind myself that this is what I love..the financial part will come. Its tough though!! Thanks for sharing yourself!

  • Love listening to your radio show every week, and especially your solo talks. Today, I listened to your talk multiple times while working on my products. Thanks so much for all your advice & wise words!

  • Hi Grace,
    Great podcast! Talent is one thing needed to be a great artist (in any medium/field) but folks need to know very basic, common sense approaches to being successful as an employee or as an entrepreneur/freelance professional; setting up systems that show us to push through all the challenges/changes that come our way. You would be great at teaching this to young design professionals! Thank you for sharing all your hard won wisdom.

  • After a rollercoaster 2013 thus far in my own business, this episode was like sitting down with a trusted biz advisor. Thank you. I second Rose – what you’ve done always looked effortless. What a relief to know even you have challenges to face and figure out. Thanks for the practical tips and pull-no-punches honesty. I woke up today ready to dust myself off and get to work.

  • Is there an episode 38? On i tunes it goes from 37 to 39. I wasn’t sure if I was missing one. Thanks!

  • grace — thank you again for these podcasts — I haven’t listened to them all– but everyone that I have has been a revelation of some sort or another (the last one with Lia Ronnen is still on my mind). I am terrible with networking with my peers (I need to be better at that!) so it was relieving to hear that you too have struggled with the shift in the blog world related to standard ads and integrated ads. I have been thinking to formalize (in writing, at least for myself) my own line in the sand about what I am willing to do in this arena and what I am not….was curious if you have done the same. Would love to hear your ideas about how you are navigating these new waters as I think I have a similar feeling that this type of work can quickly make me feel like I am selling out and I don’t want to go there.

  • So glad I decided to catch up on my After the Jump listening today.. this couldn’t have come at a better time!

    I started a second biz (baby & kids apparel) and am facing a few challenges as I get started. I took lots of notes and made a list of people to reach out to.

    Thanks, as always, Grace!

  • Thanks for the link, I love listening to other peoples experiences and getting inspired :) I’m two years into a digital media business and am refocusing the direction of the company at the minute so these podcasts are good timing for me :)