After the Jump: Radio Interview with Chris Silas Neal (MP3)

I feel incredibly lucky to work where I do, not just with the D*S team, but in the actual office building we call home. Greenpoint’s Pencil Factory is home to some of the most talented artists around and I’ve had the pleasure to interview some of them on my show and on the site already. Today I’m thrilled to share this week’s radio interview with illustrator and designer, Chris Silas Neal. Chris is a legend among my artist friends. His work is beautiful, paired-down to the most essential elements and has a sort of retro-feel that is fun, but never dated. Chris’ artwork has appeared in The New Yorker, in gallery shows across the US and in advertisements, newspapers and on book covers and packaging that you’ve probably seen before. To delve deeper into his background (hive five, fellow only child!) and hear the things that brought Chris from rock drummer dreams to a successful art career reality are really interesting- and applicable to anyone out there hoping to start their own art career. I hope you’ll take the time to download or listen to Chris’ interview- his career is so inspiring and he’s an all-around great guy. Thanks to Chris for joining me for the show! xo, grace

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Chris’ hand-written obsessions, an After The Jump Tradition, continue after the jump, along with some examples of his work…

Chris’ artwork:


I’ve seen his work and the creativity and imagination he has is amazing. You can see the passion from his work that’s why many are inspired by his talent.


Thanks for airing this great interview. I appreciated when he spoke about illustration not really having rules and some of the benefits of not having formal training in illustration. Years ago I encountered Mr. Neal’s art in CA magazine, and his beautiful work continues to be impressive and inspiring.


I laughed out loud when I read that “cat” was listed as #1 for things Chris is loving right now…and “wife” was #3! Fantastic!


I had the pleasure of listening to Chris speak at the Offset Conference this year in Dublin. I had previously heard of this amazing pencil factory that was a hub of creativity and was pleasantly delighted to hear that he worked there…and now learning that you do too, how cool!