12 Bold, Beautiful Paper Goods

We’ve had color on the brain this month so it’s not a surprise that Max and I gravitated toward the most colorful, bright paper products in the show. At the 2013 Stationery Show, trends from the past couple of years are still going strong and that goes triple for the neon and geometric trends – often paired together. I love a bold bright, happy card so it doesn’t bother me one bit! (Keep in mind that due to the nature of the Stationery Show, some of the following items aren’t available to purchase yet.) -Amy Azzarito

Image above: Banquet has been a favorite of ours since they first came to the Stationery Show last year.

Image above: Can’t go wrong with neon! From Dude and Chick (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Great card to cheer up a friend. From Rifle Paper Co.

See all of our favorite bold, beautiful paper picks from NSS after the jump!

Image above: Bright and cheerful calendar from One Canoe

Image above: Such a fan of the watercolor cards from Moglea

Image above: Gem + Heart + Neon = Love from Candyspotting (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Fantastic non-traditional holiday card from Banquet

Image above: Yellow Owl celebrates watercolors!

Image above: Can’t wait to play with mixing and matching the gift wrap from Hammerpress

Image above: Sweet Bella always has the best notebooks. Great for an obsessive note-taker or list-maker.

Image above: More watercolor from Moglea

Image above: Gem & Mineral calendar. I seriously can’t wait for this one! From Rocket Ink

Image above: Getting ready for the holidays from Mr. Boddington



…So it looks like I’ll have to purchase 2-4 calendars for 2014. Thanks a lot, Design Sponge!
So much great art.

I LOVED 1Canoe2’s calendar in person and Moglea’s is just begging to be printed on some curtains for my studio. (I’ve already submitted my request :)


Okay, I know what calendar I’m getting next year. Seriously love it! What a *gem*. :-D

Carolina Buzio

Such a gorgeous selection, thank you! It’s great to see there are people thinking outside the box, and for an illustrator like me it’s also great inspiration.

Amanda Risius

Such a lover for fantastic paper goods. I’m creating my own in hopes of eventually starting my own business!