The Awesome Project

I love collaborations between artists. It’s always good for people with distinct styles to combine forces and see what results from being pushed in a slightly different direction or opening their mind to including details, colors and patterns they wouldn’t normally. The Awesome Project is a collaboration between illustrator Madalina Andronic & designer Claudiu Stefan. Inspired by Romanian folklore, Madalina and Claudiu’s collection of handmade decorative objects and homewares is full of color and life. I love their tableware and vases collection called “Little table, lay yourself”. The prices range from $20-$130 and each piece is hand-decorated and glazed individually. I love how cheerful and happy they are- you can’t beat that on an overcast day like today. Click here to check out their work (you can order by emailing them at the top of the site). xo, grace

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I love ALL of these so much. It’s rare that I see something I want and actually move to buy it right away without thinking about because I know it’s perfect, but this collection is perfect. I’m hoping there will be something left for me!