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Sneak Peek: William Edmonds and Hannah Swainston

by anne

William Edmonds and Hannah Swainston live in a small flat in Camberwell in South East London, England. They’ve only been there for about six months and it’s their first place together that was an empty shell when they moved in. Because they had lived in furnished places they didn’t have much, so they opted to make furniture, find furniture, get prints and work from friends and bought a few pieces slowly. In the process they learned that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to generate warmth in a place. The rest of the space William fills with his ceramics. In addition to his own work on paper, sculpture, print-making, music and ceramics William is one third of Nous Vous, curates Colossal Space and Sleepy Night Burger Party, and makes music under the name ‘Now Owl‘. Thanks William and Hannah, and Emma Job for the photos! –Anne

Image above: This is our bedroom, Hannah made the sheets and I made the furniture and decoration. Things work out well, good team.

Image above: Finally we have the chance to fill our house with the work of our friends and people we both vibe off.  Here is work by Nathaniel Russell and Misaki Kawai. On the bench I built is the best album ever made: ‘Visions of the Country’ by Robbie Basho. By building a place where good vibes are present will make good vibes present in our life and work.

Click for more inside William and Hannah’s London flat after the jump!

Image above: The painting is one that I found outside a house I lived in Leeds many years ago when Hannah and I started seeing each other, and this Jack Mountain has followed us since. I built the storage from banana boxes and cheap wood.

Image above: Hannah made these cushions which sit one of few actual things we bought and one of my favorite things, a beautifully colored blanket.

Image above: Virtually any horizontal surface becomes a home for my pottery and various things we’ve picked up on trips and walks.

Image above: A mask I made for a Halloween party from a few years ago and our sewing machine.

Image above: When the space is mine it’s nice to make some sweet noise.

Image above: Some ceramics that aren’t mine, a plate by Hazel Stark and mug I got from a trip we took to the West Coast of America when we met the incredible Peter Shire. The mug is beautiful memento f the trip and a constant inspiration.

Image above: We don’t have a lot of room for big plants so succulents have settled in.

Image above: I built a coffee table. It has ceramic legs and is a little wobbly, but pretty friendly.

Image above: Books and records, amongst the few real possessions we own.

Image above: I guess my most popular thing I have made so far, this head mug. Just behind the work of another good friend and artist (not actor), Rob Lowe.

Image above: We live in a big pleasant old housing block in South London. When the sun shines, it’s beautiful, and it’s all we need.

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  • “When the sun shines, it’s beautiful, and it’s all we need.” For this comment alone, I love these people.

  • I love this space and how it’s packed full of things they’ve made and found, without looking remotely cluttered. I love that blue bench especially!

  • I miss London! No matter if it’s a super tiny flat or a castle – there is always tons of personality and character.

    I’m in a little apartment in Hong Kong instead
    Welcome to visit!

    Ciao Bella

  • Ah Camberwell and Peckham and your arty environs, good food and interesting people, I miss you…

    Ex-LA flats (?) can be pretty unspecial when you move in, so if that’s what yours is, you’ve made it really lovely inside! I particularly like the ‘pins and needles’ formica surface on the table with your note book on it. It’s about time for formica to return as a kitchen surface, no?

  • Aw guys this is my dream house and you have got it! effortlessly (?) chic, minimalist and understated, simple but sophisticated, its screaming art and good taste, congratulations! one day perhaps I d have something similar :) x