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Sneak Peek: Jessica Walsh

by anne

Jessica Walsh is an art director / designer and a partner at Sagmeister & Walsh in NYC who also teaches design & typography at The School of Visual Arts. Working across multiple disciplines she tries to create emotion & concept driven work, with a playful approach and sense of humor. When it comes to her home in the Chelsea district of NYC, she initially took a clean and modern approach when she first moved in, several years ago. But having grown up in a rustic country home filled with many antiques and hand painted inspirational signs, a rustic vibe has become infused into the overall décor.  Over the years, she has slowly added in vintage pieces as well as playful props from photo shoots. Attracted to pops of bold graphic colors like bright reds and blues, she’s tried to contrast them against neutral tones of grey. Huge thank you to Jessica, and to Mario de Armas for the photos! Anne

Image above: The chair and coffee table are Charles & Ray Eames, I’ve always loved this duo’s playful and multidisciplinary approach to art and design so I wanted a few of their pieces in my home. On the red chair is a bubble pillow which was a gift when I was working as an art director at Print Magazine, my friend Maayan Pearl has the other one in her home. The mannequin heads are from a photo shoot I did several years ago. The luggage is a beautiful handmade leather bag that I bought from a cute old man on a small island during my travels around Greece.

Image above: This is the entry wall when you first walk into the apartment. The print “Work hard & Be Nice to People” is by Anthony Burill. My mom gave me Rover the recycled dog as a gift. My friend Michael Friemuth had an Eames plywood chair in his apartment which I coveted for a while, and finally bought.

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Image above: I am traveling constantly these days for talks & lectures, so I like to keep my SteamLine luggage ready to go by the door. I’m a big fan of Rioja wine, so I keep a nice stash in a walnut wine rack near my kitchen which I bought from BrooklynWood.

Image above: While I work during the week our studio on 23rd street in Chelsea, on the weekends I like to switch it up and work from home. I had the desk custom made from Urban Wood Goods. The monkey that hangs over my desk is by Kay Bojesen. I like collecting classic children’s toys around my apartment. They serve as a nice reminder to keep curious, inquisitive, and playful in my life and work.

Image above: My business partner Stefan Sagmeister has the best taste in books, and is always bringing me back great books from his travels. This is one of the many bookshelves around my apartment.

Image above: The hanging lamp is from Saw Home in Brooklyn. I keep my art supplies and pencils in this vintage tool supply box.

Image above: On my bedside table is a vintage Edison lamp which I spray painted red. I love Diptyque candles and keep them all around my apartment.

Image above: I live in a pretty small studio space, so I used a long couch from BluDot to separate the living area from the bed area which really helps divide the space. The pillows are from Donna Wilson. The print above my bed is one of the original Mac icons by Susan Kare, I have always been a big Mac & Steve Jobs fan. The handwritten framed quote is a Swedish proverb that used to be hand painted on the steps of the home I grew up in.

Image above: I love this Apothecary shower curtain from Isola.  I recently started keeping flowers in my bathroom and all around my apartment which brightens the whole place up, which is inspired from hanging around my best friend Lotta Nieminen’s apartment.

Image above: When my grandfather passed away five years ago he left me his typewriter; it is one of my favorite items in my apartment. He was the most genuinely kind, honest, hardworking, selfless person I’ve ever known. Looking at it is a nice reminder of his values, and his memory always puts a big smile on my face.

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