Sneak Peek: Ganso Japanese Restaurant

The block of Bond Street just off of the Fulton Mall in Brooklyn is not where one might expect to find a hot new restaurant. Although the surrounding area has been on the rise for quite some time, this little section seemed forever doomed to be home to a mismatched crowd of discount furniture shops, brick walls, and psychics. Not so anymore. A little more than a year ago, food writer and Japanese cuisine enthusiast Harris Salat decided to take a risk on the block and opened up a tiny ramen bar in what used to be a rundown pizza shop. Partnered with chef Ryuji Irie and the interior design firm Super Paprika, Salat sought to bring his own idea of modern Japanese comfort food and design to this small corner of Downtown Brooklyn. The result is Ganso— a restaurant that serves up not only updated takes on traditional Japanese food, but a killer sense of pared-down Japanese minimalism. From the moment one steps foot in Salat’s restaurant, the strikingly simple decor  creates a marked contrast with the bustling street outside. It’s stark, yes, but also incredibly warm and inviting. From the noodle bar that faces the open kitchen to the intimate booths and the low, but unobtrusive paneled ceiling—all constructed from cedar wood, a breed local to Japan—the overall feeling is one of comfort and retreat. Add the scent of cooking broth and you have an intoxicating combination. Check out more photos of this fantastic space after the jump and click here to visit their website for location details! —Max

Above image courtesy of Ganso.

Above image: Chef Ryuji Irie and restauranteur Harris Salat share some ramen. Image courtesy of Ganso.

Mr. Glitter

Thanks for this!

I’d love to see more restaurants/retail spaces/maker studios/cool hotels than private homes in your Sneak Peaks column.

The Junk Drunk

Wow. Thank you for this post! I love Chuko in Prospect Heights, but I’d love to add Ganso to the rotation. Now I can’t wait to try it out this (rainy, and perfect for ramen) Friday.

tif smith

Oh, delicious authentic Japanese ramen, how I miss it! I want to be in some Tokyo subway, standing at the counter, slurping hot noodles … but if I ever make it back to NYC, it looks like I’ll have somewhere close enough for comfort.

kelly jo

Hi there! Thanks for posting this. Any chance you can reference the photo shown in the restaurant?


fantastic! I’m often over there to go to planet fitness or brooklyn fare – I had no idea it was just around the corner and have been looking for a good ramen place (I’m a newbie to ny). thank you :)

Colleen MM

Aw. I will miss the Fulton Mall of my youth – psychics, furniture stores, and all.


Seems like exactly the place you’d find a new restaurant.


Looks so lovely! I really like the design of their logo, the font and how it’s set out is really elegant.
Also, the photo of the owner and the chef is so endearing!


Looks so inviting! I really like their logo; the font and the way it’s set out is really elegant..
Also, the photo of the chef and the owner is so endearing!


I love this place! The food is amazing and the people behind Ganso are lovely. I’m glad it’s on here too. Everyone go! (If you can)


@ kellyjo: The photo documents a performance by the artist momoyo torimitsu.


Me too, please more small business retail/ restaurant/ studio interiors and live/work spaces.
I can’t wait to check this place out.
Looks so wonderful.