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Sneak Peek: Chelsea & Forrest Kline

by Shannon Grant

With a shared love of historic Craftsman architecture, Chelsea and Forrest Kline knew they had found their home in the Bluff Park neighborhood of Long Beach, California seven years ago. Brimming with Craftsman details and built-ins, this charming abode won them over and they knew that no matter how they filled the space it would look great. Over the years they’ve filled their home with a colorful array of Mid-Century furniture, quirky vintage finds and their own artistic creations. Though they live in an area with an excellent bar scene, they prefer to entertain at home and love having friends over for drinks, BBQ’s and game night. Chelsea co-owns an event company called Hello Gem, with Christy Thiessen, specializing in all things wedding related while Forrest is a musician and plays in a band called Hellogoodbye. Thank you Chelsea and Forrest! Shannon

Image above: Forrest got this piano for $70 dollars at the flea market, learned how to tune it and made it into a tack piano and he has been happily recording it ever since. The bench was a fun re-upholstery project!

Image above: This is our music room (Forrest has dubbed it the ‘music enjoyment facility’) which doubles as our guest room. We hung a bunch of our favorite records on the wall with binder clips for easy access. Forrest also hung some of his guitars on the wall so he can mess around in there while listening to records.

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Image above: We’re fortunate to live a few blocks from “retro row” and have a great monthly antiques flea market so there is no shortage of vintage glassware.

Image above: The brick in this room was such a treat but it was a pretty weird tone of brick, looks great white though!

Image above: This is a weird planter that I found at a random garden store. He was an ugly terra-cotta color. I spray painted him white so he would match the rest of the colors in my dining room. He is one of my favorite DIY projects that I have done!

Image above: I love the old original brick and the random colors. I also love the symmetry it brings to the whole room. I put my collection of Jonathan Adler figures on the mantle because I loved the way the popped against the brick.

Image above: We love the way the light works with the glass tile and the open shelves open things up and let us see more tile. The oven has delivered us many a pizza party, and for that we thank it.

Image above: The lights are Jonathan Adler, the tea and coffee and most the other accessories at our little espresso corner are vintage.

Image above: The bar sign is a recent relic from my sister Rachael’s wedding, who made the ceramic letters herself and mounted on a board by her now-husband, Travis. There’s a heavy handed gem theme we’re in love with, with the mostly gemstone related art and gem wine corkers. You can also see a bit of one of the two portraits Christy (the other half of hellogem) did of our beloved dogs.

Image above: We love gray. We had this made by Room Service, give us a color option and we usually pick gray. The art on the walls is by Ashleyg who we were also lucky enough to have do portraits of us for our wedding invites and some tee shirt designs for Forrest’s band (the dining room also has some amazing collages by Jeffrey Meyer who then did the cover artwork for one of forrest’s record). Truly, a testament to the age of interconnectedness!

Image above: Another major selling point for us was having a fireplace in our bedroom, unfortunately the original fireplace wasn’t our style so we remodeled it and painted the brick and added a different mantle that mimicked the moldings downstairs. The mirror over the fireplace was a Homegoods find! the photograph of the deer on the mantle should be mentioned as it was a particularly magic evening our first time in yosemite, there was deer and birds and flowers bloomed everywhere!

Image above: This is a painting me and Forrest created. We wanted something huge, but didn’t want to spend an arm and leg for art. I’m surprised how awesome it turned out! For our first ever painting we were pretty proud of ourselves.

Image above: We actually created this gallery wall for Forrest’s album art for his record “Would it Kill You?”, and loved it so much that we kept it. It’s a mix of flea market finds and random art work we have collected over the years.

Image above: More of our affinity for black & white. this bathroom was once an island of gaudy pink & Roman weirdness that stuck out like an island of gaudy pink & Roman weirdness in a historic California craftsman home.

Image above: Another piece of signage from my sister Rachael’s wedding, the shelving was built by a friend of our, Jon Rasmussen, and I’m still blown away by his amazing craftsmanship.

Image above: We LOVE being Californians so we thought it only proper to hang a flag in the backyard. REPRESENT! We also created this succulent wall out of cinderblocks, super easy DIY project that keeps flourishing and changing all year round.

Image above: The chairs are from IKEA and I love them. We also live for BBQing and hanging out in the backyard so it’s super nice to have a fire place everyone can hang out around, and the malm is great because we can move it around where we need it! We also feel fortunate to have trees full of squirrels flanking our fence.

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  • What a fun house tour! I think I might love everything about this place — the eclectic mix of furnishings, the personal art, the appreciation for the original details. All I can say is “wow”!

  • So many fun, funky details. I love all the textures and the cozy feel. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that metallic piglet bank seems to show up a lot on this site- it’s almost like Where’s Waldo!

  • I’ll never get sick of looking at unique, naturally light filled, homes like this (in perfect color combinations)! This home is no exception. I especially love the backyard and pale grey/green living room.

  • What a beautiful home! And the bathroom is making me miss the house we just sold, the one we did a full bathroom reno on last year – we chose the same floor tile.

  • This house is wonderful! Very beautiful and fun too. I would love to know the greenish paint color you used by the fireplace? It is perfect!

  • Listening to “Would it Kill You” right now! Wonderful combinations of treasures. I love the tile in the kitchen – so fresh and inviting. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • What a lovely home. I love the vibe and the way you’ve incorporated textiles and objects. This looks like a place you can really live in. And I can’t help but comment admiringly that I did not see even one pair of antlers in your sneak peek. Way to keep it fresh! :-)

  • Love this house and love the craftsman houses in LB. If we didn’t get the Cliff May Rancho near El Dorado Park, we would’ve gotten a craftsman bungalow.

  • The Long Beach Antique Market is divine! Chelsea and Forrest are very lucky to live so close to it. I love what they did with their place. I feel like gallery walls are such a thing now — I have one myself — but theirs stood out for some reason. Maybe it was the mixture of art and frames. Just lovely!

  • You have a beautiful home. Where did you get the light strands you have hanging over your patio? I love the outdoor fireplace area, too.

  • What a beautiful home! I love the colors and i especially love the outdoor fireplace area. Where did you get the vintage style light strands you have hanging over your patio?

  • I love that home, you don’t see architecture like that in Israel.
    The upholstered bench at the end of the bed is fabulous! Where is it from?

  • Beautiful paint colors! Would you mind sharing them? I am in paint color purgatory right now. . .

  • Wonderful tour! Thank you for showing us your lovely home. I love the piano & the way you’ve displayed the album covers so that they are still usable!

  • What a lovely home. I wish the craftsman style was more common here. (Montreal) I love the colours you chose for the livingroom/diningroom/bedroom. Names please?

  • Luv your home. Big fan of Craftsman style myself (have a couple of pieces of Stickley myself).

    Luv the sofa/bed in your music enjoyment facility! Where did you find it?

  • Total house envy, wow! The amount of space, the great bones, the colors chosen, and a dream kitchen, plus the yard. Man, California is so different to NYC… This post is a big convincer to move there. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home.

  • Oh myyyyy goshhh! I’m in love, with everything. Umm, can I please get married already so I can get those Hello Gem girls to style my wedding?!

  • Hey all! THANK YOU so much for all the kind words! This makes all of our hard work over the years so worth it!
    The paint color of our dining room is Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware.
    I’m not sure about the color of our bedroom! I know its Behr brand from Home Depot!
    Our stove is DCS(Dynamic Cooking Systems). It came with the house when we bought it! Its an amazing stove we really love it.
    The couch at the end of the bed was custom made at “Room Service”
    The couch in the music room is from Urban Outfitters circa 2010 I believe!
    The bedding is from West Elm and I made some of the pillows and are handmade some are from IKEA.
    The lights over the picnic table are from some random website online that sells to restaurants etc. I have no idea what its called :(
    I hope I was helpful with everyone’s questions!!!

    • Where did you get the tile for your kitchen backsplash. I have been looking for that exact color EVERYWHERE!!

  • So beautiful! Your home looks so well curated and at the same time so comfortable and so, well, home-y! I have been looking for chairs like the one flanking your fireplace for such a long time. Where did you find them?

  • Chelsea – What color did you use on the outside of the house? It looks like a light mint green. I love it!

  • this is such a fantastic house – so unique and inviting!! we just put very similar paint colors on our walls, so this post is giving me lots of inspiration and ideas! by chance do you recall where you purchased the fabulous rug in (i think) your bedroom?? i just love the way the colors pop against the wall color!

  • @ Kathryn & Lisa the rug is a flea market find!
    @Dagny T the chairs are vintage that we got reupholstered a few years back!
    @Nia the color outside is actually the same color as our dining room! We got it matched at home depot to the restoration hardware color silver sage.

  • This is definitely one of my favorite houses by far. They managed to pull off having collections and groupings of things without coming off as too clutter-y or hoarder-ish. I’m also a sucker for any type of cacti/succulents and the light in their home is amAAAzing! The coolest part is that I saw Hellogoodbye play in my hometown a few years back! Cheers!

  • Thank you for sharing your resources! Any chance you know the name of the creamy beige paint color? Thank you so much! Love your home!

  • So very random, but did you guys throw a big Halloween party a couple years ago? I think we may have mutual friends bc I swear I have been to your house and I remember thinking how cool it was. Loved the sneak peek!

  • Hi! I was curious about the tile backsplash in the kitchen as well. We are struggling trying to find something that looks good!