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Sneak Peek: Best of Indoor Plants

by Amy Azzarito

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt more ready for spring. At one of my first jobs in New York, my boss had a circular oak conference table that she filled with maidenhair ferns and orchids. It was simple and lovely, and I’ve dreamed to this day of replicating it. Unfortunately, the terrible light in my apartment paired with my black thumb has meant that I spend more time dreaming of plants than living with them. Luckily, there are plenty of green-thumbed home owners in our sneak peek archives, and I’ve picked my favorites to share today for a little Welcome April celebration. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Amy and Erich McVey have nicknamed this old kitchen table “The Terrarea.” It’s their cat’s favorite place to inspect.

Image above: Josh and Diana of Casa de Perrin use repurposed goblets and other vessels to house their ever-growing collection of succulents.

Image above: A beautiful plant in the bathroom of Jason Gnewikow and Jeff Madalena’s Catskills home.

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Image above: Amanda and Dave from Gus* planted this hanging vessel with succulents and hung it in their Toronto kitchen.

Image above: Macrame planters hang bedside in Steve and Kalah Kren’s 1950s Idaho farmhouse.

Image above: The “fern room” at the Bellocq teahouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Image above: A succulent finds a home in an enamel mug at Monya and Jeremy Eastman’s home in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa.

Image above: New Yorker Lotta Nieminen believes a home is all about the little details. This box is from West Elm and is home to an little succulent.

Image above: Now that she has a studio for her accessories line Rennes, Julia Okun used the little extra space in her Boston apartment to finally start a plant room.

Image above: The window above Eleonore Bridge’s kitchen sink has the perfect light for herb growing.

Image above: Staghorn fern hangs in the space beneath the skylight in Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits’ Chicago home.

Image above: Copper plant holder in Alison and Jeff Allen’s South Minneapolis home.

Image above: To combat the lack of shelving in their Brooklyn apartment, Chris and Julia Thomas painted pine boards and used inexpensive brackets to make a few bookshelves. The potted plants add a touch of green to the mix of books and objects.

Image above: Ariel Dearie’s workspace for her New York City flower business is filled with indoor plants.

Image above: Another image from Ariel Dearie’s plant-filled apartment. The chair is an old sewing chair from the ’20s. The cornice pieces were salvaged by Ariel’s dad from a demolished building in New Orleans and shipped in a huge box to New York.

Image above: A wooly cactus, which rests on steel-framed wall shelving, was designed by homeowner Lisa Breeze.

Image above: Jon and Nina Hans live right down the street from the Los Angeles flower district, which has made it easy to fill their home with plants.

Image above: Aaron Delesie loves to cook with fresh herbs, so he keeps potted herbs close at hand in the kitchen.

Image above: Vintage small vessels make perfect containers for a collection of succulents at Ariele Alasko’s studio.

Image above: This bar off the living room in Zoe Johns and Max Catalano’s San Francisco home is the perfect spot for a simple fern in a rustic terra cotta pot.

Image above: The window in Lauren Spencer King’s Los Angeles home is the perfect spot for her collection of cacti.

Image above: Amelie Mancini keeps a plant table (complete with small tools) in her Brooklyn studio.

Image above: A little bit of nature on Jenny Brandt’s purple kitchen table in Ystad, Sweden.

Image above: Moisture-loving plants can thrive in the bathroom of Jason Santa Maria and Megan Born’s Brooklyn home.

Image above: Beautiful ferns in Rachel Krauskopf’s New York City dining room.

Image above: A sunny window sill makes the perfect spot for an indoor garden in Asher Israelow and Jamie Goldenberg’s New York City apartment.

Image above: Mieke Verbijlen’s home in Antwerp, Belgium, is filled with plants. The two fig trees and a huge sparmania make this kitchen corner very green.

Image above: Even if you’re tight on space, there’s always room for a few plants. Potted plants sit on the radiator in

Tara Mangini and Percy Bright’s summer sublet in Brooklyn.

Image above: A hanging plant makes the canvas room divider in Michael Freimuth’s New York City apartment feel more intentional.

Image above: The brass pot in Matt and Kathy Allison’s home in Cape Town, South Africa, belonged to Kathy’s grandmother, and the croton plant is an ode to her mother, who used to collect them when Kathy was growing up.

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  • I wish we could have more plants in our house, but our cats try to eat almost any house plant. They do leave cacti with lots of spikes alone, so we have quite a few of them. On a related note, we can’t have cut flowers in vases either because the cats will tip them over and spill water everywhere.

  • I wish my apartment had more natural light! I’ve been obsessing over indoor plants for a while even though the two I have struggle to survive at times (oops!). Posts like these make me wish you had the “pin” feature on your pictures. Hint Hint ;)

  • I love every item in that first photo! Very inspiration, as that is exactly the feel I’m going for in planning for my own re-design!

  • I love the Bellocq Teahouse and the Goldberg’s window sitting area the best. But a close second is Jenny Brandt’s purple dinning table (it is so bold my husband would never let me do that) with the two flowering plants sitting on it. I love bulbs and the way the Goldberg’s have that box of flowering bulbs so packed. All the pictures are nice but these are my favorite.

  • I’d love to see a post about cat friendly indoor plants. I’d love to bring more green into my apartment, but with three cats, it seems like a recipe for disaster, broken planters and cat vomit.

  • What a lovely spring post! All that delicious green. And I am crazy about the small crocheted green cactus in a white pot! Or was it knitted? Either way, I would love to learn how to make one of those–it’s fantastic!

  • Air plants are an easy way to bring some green into the home without breaking the bank and with very little maintenance – just spray them once a week!
    New York Interior Designer Jared Sherman Epps

  • Very nice inspiration. I love having my plants. I wish I had more space for them! Succulents and orchids are my favorites.

  • Definitely what I’m feeling too right now. Thanks for an inspiring Sneak Peek

  • This is a great roundup-I love to see how people display their plants. The rosemary plant on the stool is lovely (despite the fact that it looks a bit staged).

  • yep, try the zz plant, pothos, hoya- the latter 2 are great for hanging. Succulents are pretty easy. But ferns and orchids are about 2 of the hardest to maintain unless you have the right humidity. If you have the space, try it in the bathroom. I find orchids and boston fern easy to grow in the bathroom.

  • The pictures are very inspiring and I love to see how people incorporate plants into their decor. I was drawn to the post hoping for more info, I wish you had included the names of many more of these plants and given growing conditions that are best suited for them. I’m a master gardener so I can id almost all these plants but can everyone?

  • I love this! I just started a blog to promote flowers and plants indoor, I think it really does alot to a home interior when you use plants in the right places.

  • Love succulents, they are so easy to take care of and look great either on their own or in a group. I really need to get more greenery into my house so this has inspired me to get moving with it.

  • You’ve inspired me to give house plants another chance. I would have to say I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Loved all of the pictures.

  • Thank you for this – I’m obsessed with houseplants! People, don’t be afraid – if they die its not the end of the world and when you find something that does well its a lovely thing!

  • this blog is superb, oh what a great place u’ve created :) all i can say is – thank u for blogging!
    warm regards,


  • does anyone know what the spiky plant in the right side of the second photo is? i “rescued” the same kind of plant from my office (it had been abandoned) but have no idea what it is…

  • Beautiful post! Lots of inspiration, though I find it funny that you included Eleonore Bridge’s plants. I remember being very impressed by how she frankly and shamelessly admitted that, “I cannot keep plants alive, so I bought all mine from Ikea. They are very beautiful and completely fake.”

    I put houseplants plants anywhere I can, but she inspired me to consider fake plants for those dim corners in my apartment where I keep optimistically placing live plants only to watch them struggle and die. Do what makes you happy, even if it means a well chosen plastic leaf here and there.

  • Plants on the radiator? poor things wont last five minutes….are they trying to cook them??

    • clancie

      a lot of new yorkers (myself included) put plants on radiators in the summer and spring when they’re not turned on. :)


  • I LOVE your site!!! Thanks so much for bringing such beauty & knowledge … continuously. Although I don’t comment often, know that the love & appreciation exists nonetheless!

    These images are stunning! Ugh! Now I want to rearrange my furniture & plants … again. ☺ Live plants add warmth & life to a home along with beauty & health. They also can inspire teachable moments for kids about science, cause & effect & how to take tender care of living things. My own wonderful childhood memories inspired me to teach my own daughter about indoor plant care & gardening.

  • i cannot seem to get my spider plant to continue growing! It does for a while then the leaves gets black along the white portion and it dies. Help!

  • I’ll be honest… from a modern interior design perspective I’ve always thought clean rooms and one carefully chosen plant looks the best. But some of those photos you’ve posted shows that an amazing look can still be achieved with grouped house plants!

    In any case they always bring a room to life, soften hard edges and generally just make the place seem more human and natural! Love them.

  • I personally love decorating with indoor plants- adds color without being overbearing. Positioning is everything though. I am definitely a modern design enthusiast but find it cold at times so sometimes I try to add warmth back with plants.

    Recently started playing around with air plants and love them because they are exotic looking and don’t need soil to grow so you can pretty much put them anywhere.

  • I have a hoya need some advice when to repot?
    do you have a retail shop?

  • I like the unique stag horn fern placed near the sky light window. Reminds me of my mom’s stag horn fern she had in our Hollywood FL back yard garden when I was growing up.

  • Love the look, especially the hanging baskets. I really find it a good way to maximize plants in a small space. Perfect for tiny apartments! The 4th image in the little glass bulb is especially appealing, would love to have something like that.