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Sneak Peek: Belinda Love Lee

by Shannon Grant

Belinda Love Lee
describes her illustration style as minimal meets quirky and whimsical. Certainly the same can be said about her home decorating style. Some of that minimalism can be attributed to the fact that she moved into this apartment, located in Cardiff, Wales, just six short months ago and didn’t bring much with her from her native Toronto. It also provides a calm setting for both she and her roommate, Sarah Stratford, to work from home. Among the many things she loves about her home, what Belinda loves most is that she has the room to spread out and be creative. She wakes up excited for the work day and goes to bed anticipating the next creative project for tomorrow. Belinda is a freelance designer and illustrator with a focus on brand identity and wedding stationary. Whether it’s a start up business looking for the right logo or a young couple looking for the perfect invitation for their wedding day, she loves that her work helps others achieve their dreams. Thank you, Belinda and Sarah! Shannon

Image above: Grey, yellow and white. make for the best color combination and surprisingly this combination doesn’t often get used! I feel like it gives my room personality while still having a really relaxed vibe. I have my illustrations framed up on the wall to inspire me to get drawing more often.

Image above: Whenever I move homes/ countries it is essential to me to have a world map hung up on the wall and we’ve found the perfect place for that! I’m a real travel junkie so in it reminds me of my desire to travel but also not to forget of my friends and family around the world.

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Image above: I decorated my home in a way that allows room for constant change to happen. I have the pictures hanging on the clothing pegs in my room because what inspire me changes so often. So when I get bored of the inspiration, I don’t have to go through the hassle of taking pictures out of frames, I can just simply unclip and clip.

Image above: When decorated the kitchen, we wanted to contrast the modern bits along side vintage pieces. I think the vintage signs make an interesting clash with the very modernistic kettle and coffee brewer from the iconic designer, Aldo Rossi.

Image above: I absolutely love the huge windows in my living room because it brings in some much natural sun light! There is nothing better than relaxing on the couch to read a book with the feeling of the heat from the sun upon your skin. The pillows on the couch are a mix of my favourite color combination, green-blue (I call it “gr-ule”) along side shades of off white. The very colors I’ve branded myself with! These colors just bring such a calm to the room, they remind me of being on the beach seaside.

Image above: I usually put my inspiration up on the wall beside my desk, that way I can take a quick glance over at the mood and theme of the project at hand. Currently I am working on a wedding invitation that requires me to draw lots of lovely flowers, hence the dried flowers and vintage floral illustration. A little secert, one of the best ways to get color swatches on a budget is to run into some home store, raid the painting section and pick up a range of colored paint swatch cards!

Image above: I like keeping my space clean and simple, as clusters tends to clog up my creative thinking power!

Image above: A little sneak peek of the wedding invites I’m currently working on. The details are done with gauche and watercolor, I really like how it’s turning out!

Image above: A collection of vintage camera’s from vintage shops and family hand me downs paired with pots of lavender flowers.

Image above: This is a little sneak peek into my room. I’ve kept the clothing pegs decor across the top of my mirror to tie my room together. What I have hanging on the door is drift wood collected from the beach, strung together! I’ve place a couple more frames of my illustration on top of the radiator to decorate it.

Image above: This is Dash our beloved whippet sleeping in Sarah’s room. He is a 40mile/hour couch potato! Like all whippets he loves his runs, but when at home all he really does is crash and sleep. It’s nice to have something to snuggle with through out the day when I need a break from work.

Image above: I love the rawness of clothes hanging on a rack in a room. I feel that my personal clothing really adds as decoration. The Stag’s head was purchased from Next Home.

Image above: This is a view from the very top of our house, there are three floor to it. I live on the bottom floor, and the best thing to wake up to is when I can hear Dash’s four paws running excitedly down the stairs to come to my room for some quality snuggles before I get up for work.

Image above: This bottle is just perfect because of its shape but also the minimalist detailed lines.

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  • I love the soft grays in the house. It makes the color accents pop! Also, I just love gray.

  • Wow great house! I live in Cardiff too and its lovely seeing local architecture pop up here, this has given me loads of inspiration towards styling my own home.

  • Love the yellow and grey colour combination in the bedroom. Everything looks soft but also cheerful. Beautiful watercolour work as well Belinda!

  • A definite inspiration for my new place. I agree, all the shades of grey (escandelo!) really make it fun to accent with little pops of color.

  • I love it! This is cozy and how you design every part of it is brilliant, amazing tallent Belinda, wish you could design my place in the future.

  • I love the contemporary design of the rooms. The mix of white and gray gave a sophisticated appeal to the house. This is what I imagine my dream house would look like. Simple, modern and edgy.

  • I love the use of the varying shades of grey and the world map. Reminds us of where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced, and that there is so much more of the world to see and enjoy.

  • The materials and simplicity of this space is absolutely breathtaking.
    The calming neutral palette with pops of color creates a soothing environment with just enough excitement
    New York interior designer Jared Epps

  • Love the subtle grey tones of the decor. Would it possible to find out a source for that dining table? I am loving it and need one in my house :-)

  • Great space! I’m not usually the biggest fan of grey, but this works wonderfully! I would LOVE to know where that leaf-patterned pillow (on the bed / reading nook) comes from. I am pretty sure I’ve seen it on the interwebs, but where??? Thank you!