Sneak Peek: Alice Flynn

Alice Flynn, her husband, Murray, and their two daughters, Willow (6) and Daisy (4), live in Avalon NSW Australia, located on the northern beaches of Sydney, about an hour from the city. They are only 100 meters from their boat, which they use on the weekends. The family moved into this home about two years ago, after nearly a year of looking. There was something about the light in the home that really spoke to them. The house faces northwest, which in Sydney means that they get to watch beautiful sunsets over the mountains each night. Alice is a partner along with her sister in Penny Farthing Design House, where they design pieces and collaborate with artists. In addition to her busy job, things are about to get a bit busier for Alice. The family is embarking on a big renovation project — a second-story addition! Thanks, Alice, Murray, Willow and Daisy! And thanks to Chris Warnes for the lovely photos! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: My natural style is a mix of masculine and feminine. Imagine a lace dress perfectly fitted with a tan leather cuff on the wrist. I like it subtle and not rigid, functional though not the driving factor behind each decision. White white white is always my mantra, with carefully collected layers over the years, usually in a grey/blue colour way. Phil Noler, a Penny Farthing photographer, shot the image above the bed in Japan. The tones of grey and white are a balance I love.

Image above: The house is a 1960s design featuring large windows that flood the house with light. The floors are lime-washed with Porter’s Paints “Milk,” and we did eight coats to get the depth of white. No curtains or blinds are used so that the distant view of water and different treescapes become part of the room. Our focus is around children and family friends dining together. The view from my kitchen prep area is this vista, and it always makes entertaining simple and fun. The Eames dining chairs, and our tall Ikea kids’ chairs, set off the simplicity of the Mark Tuckey table in American Oak.

Image above: The translucence of my desk, designed by Penny Farthing, gives the impression that this room is larger than it is. The changing light during the day is always inviting. A built-in wardrobe was removed, replacing it with wide, deep shelves, the design of which I [use] to showcase magazines and special pieces.

Image above: Hattie resides next to the fireplace. She is drawn by Andrew Howells, one of our Penny Farthing artists. The small armchair was a vintage find in Sydney and is covered in faux white fur.

Image above: We often have family pieces that are passed down to us — this Parker buffet is mine. It is a firm favorite, and I have partnered it here with the New York print. The lamp was a gift for my husband’s 40th. It is from Space Furniture.

Image above: These chairs fill the space to create a small nook off the kitchen, which would otherwise be a corridor. To highlight the cane, I have used different white textured pieces to add a depth to the space.

Image above: My mother’s kitchen was always filled with stuff on the benches, and it used to drive me crazy. I guess this shot shows that there must be a little bit of her in me after all! It always makes her smile. The “On Air” light box is a Penny Farthing favorite and can be customized. Different ways to display candles is a big focus of mine, as I use them every night.

Image above: We share a 45-year-old timber “putt putt” boat with another family. This is a shot of the boat shed, where we keep our boating stuff. Henry, a Penny Farthing artwork, is in residence.

Image above: The artwork is a photograph taken from a friend’s wedding that has been screen printed on 100% linen. The rider’s jacket is embroidered in gold silk thread and is available from our online store.

Image above: Walls are painted in a pearlised Porter’s Paint finish, which gives the girl’s playroom a little bit of zing. The Ikea day bed is perfect for story reading and guests. I wrapped a branch in grey wool and added the birds, which were a special find from a little “poke about” shop in a country town.

Image above: This shot is taken on the other side of the boat shed. The neon artwork “joy” has been a big favourite with Penny Farthing customers.

Image above: Me in front of my ever-changing dream board.


Don’t think I could ever want that bed, I would probably become so lazy I’d never want to leave.


Rarely do I see a place I could move into. I love the office, the drawings of the elephants and the juxtaposition of the wicker chairs with the skin throws.


Such a stylistically consistent, pretty and sunny apartment! So refreshing. Thank you for posting!


Stunning! Where is the NYC print from? I think I see my old neighborhood!


I think the NYC print is from ikea ? I saw it the other day, it looks stunning in that room, what a compliment it makes to the space and decor


This is just lovely would you be able to tell me what the grey paint in the bedroom is called and who produces it. I’m in Australia too. Thanks


Who is the artist of the picture of the girl with the tomato hat?


I want to be a Sydneysider! (more so than a Melbournite!)


Stunning stunning stunning! One of the best. I wish my house was like theirs!

HER Creative

WOW! Such amazing light in this house. I love the combination of textures (especially the different timber combos!!) The artwork although eclectic and is on trend, feels so unique and fits the spaces perfectly. Fabulous job! Heather


beautiful. i too would love to know hat colour of grey in the bedroom.. perfect.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Mel –
Can you clarify? We did not photoshop anything from this peek on our end. -Amy


I love this house! I saw it before in one of Australian magz. I love Willow’s room. It’s so relaxing colors with the birds hanging above her bed. :)


Apologies for not being more specific! The exact same picture of the boat house shot (CD cabinet with large elephant print sitting on top) but with a completely different piece of artwork was featured on the link I posted in my previous comment, which is from a blog post on My Attic back in April 2012. The “Henry” artwork has been photoshopped in on top of the artwork in original photo, which features a large and very distinctive black and white artwork with a big black X in the middle. No big deal, it just seems slightly disingenuous. I understand that you guys aren’t responsible for that.

Grace Bonney


Ah, I figured it out.

Alice owns the company selling that large black and white X work. She probably used her home as a backdrop to showcase the artwork and photoshopped that print into it. Whether or not you agree with it, a lot of online shops use homes as a digital backdrop for work and then photoshop it into place.

That said, because this IS her home and that print is being sold in HER shop, it’s possible she took the actual print from her shop and just photographed it in the same place.



Can you tell me about the large flamingo artwork? Beautiful home!

Warren T King

Could you tell us the name of the Porter’s (Sydney Harbour Paint Company to those of us in the US) pearlescent paint color in the girl’s room? Is this their “Duchess Satin” paint?


Ah, what a wonderful post! & the Flamingo! Where can I get me one?!!

Brendon Ross

That glass desk looks splendid! Love the simplistic paintings as well. The elephant is a real eye catcher!!

Thanks for sharing!


That fireplace is amazing!!! Really, all of it is, but that really caught my eye. :) Beautiful images.

Britt Dell

That fireplace!!!! My god is that beautiful. I love the general white theme through the place with the wood accents. Thanks for sharing these beautiful place.