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Sneak Peek: Aileen Cheng & Kevin Will Chen

by anne

Aileen Cheng & Kevin Will Chen live in Sunnyvale, California where Aileen is a freelance graphic designer and art director with a studio specializing in branding, while Kevin started his career in retail design at Nike and is currently an art director at Apple. They moved to the Bay Area from LA a year ago and chose this place because of the amazing amount of natural light coming in from all the windows in every room, in a way that makes the space feel open and welcoming and just makes you happy. When it came to decorating they didn’t have a particular style in mind, but the space resulted from their love of clean, bright, airy environments and mid-century modern furniture. Thanks so much, Aileen, and Kevin for the photos! –Anne

Image above: When debating on what artwork to put up in our bedroom, we decided to frame photos we’ve snapped ourselves during our travels because it brings back happy memories. The two on the sides are taken by Kevin in San Diego and Hawaii and the middle one I took in LA. We love waking up to the sun in this room. All walls are painted with Kelly Moore Acoustic White.

Image above: Our dining room wall is decorated with letterpress artwork we made together. The gold stars on the table are a gift from our friend Sarah. I love our fabric coasters, which we found on a trip to Taipei in a random little bookstore filled with handmade things. The rug is from West Elm.

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Image above: The photo on our nightstand is one of my favorites from our wedding, taken by Sarah Yates of Birds of a Feather. This is my girly corner where I keep my jewelry.

Image above: The porcelain piggy is Kevin’s speaker. He likes to wake up gradually to the sound of music.

Image above: The living room is our favorite place to hang out together. We love curling up on the couch on the weekends, with the light streaming in from the windows. Kevin spends a good chunk of his free time on the cozy chaise lounge side of this sofa. Much of the furniture here are mid-century modern pieces found on Craigslist. The grey and white safari rug is one of my favorite pieces from West Elm.

Image above: This bookshelf in our office houses our book collection along with little keepsakes from our life. We both got our degrees at Art Center College of Design but our paths didn’t cross until a mutual friend’s graduation show brought us back to campus a few years after we had been working. The robot is one of Kevin’s toys he’s hung on to since his days as a retail designer at Nike.

Image above: Our kitchen used to have dingy maple colored cabinets with a seaweed-colored countertop and backsplash. I wanted to create a light, airy space for myself to cook in, so we refinished the cabinets to white. Kevin installed new, more modern-looking handles from Ikea. We chose a grey quartz countertop and white subway tiles for the backsplash. We also installed a new sink and faucet. The Emeco navy barstools were on Kevin’s wishlist for the longest time. My mom surprised us with those as a housewarming gift.

Image above: The Jonathan Adler salt shaker pig is a gift from our friends. It’s standing on a stack of colorful patterned coasters I found in a boutique. We both love sweets, so we have mason jars filled with m&m’s around the kitchen.

Image above: This poster by Josef Albers for the 1972 Munich Olympics is one of my favorites. I love how graphic and minimal it is. I saw it with a friend at the Dwell show one year and he surprised me with it as a Christmas present.

Image above: This is where I spend my days designing. The fluorescent yellow ampersand Kevin and I made together. The wood block letters are a flea market find and gift from my sister. I love using color in my work, but I tend to surround myself in white, black, greys and neutrals with the occasional pop of color. I guess it clears my head and is kind of like having a blank canvas.

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  • This is a really stunning example of how a limited color palette can make a huge impact in a space. I love it. I chuckled for a second, though, when I scanned the photos and the first thought that entered my mind was that there was no way this couple had pets or children :)

  • Love this! I grew up in cupertino (just a couple minutes from sunnyvale) so loved seeing a home from somewhere I was familiar with! Thanks for showing us this lovely home.

  • Neon Orange and white seems to be a sub theme here – the books on the shelf, the porcelain pig placed on the bright bright books. I love it.

  • I love the couch in the living room – is that a thrifted find? If not I’d love to know where you got it, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • Love the clean, light & airy look! I’ve seen the slow evolution of this place from the purchase until now and WOW what a difference Aileen and Kevin’s personal touch has made! Can’t wait to see it in person :)

  • love this! aileen and kevin have the greatest taste and i love how bright and airy it all feels. and the pops of color are perfection!

  • i love all the pieces of art they created together, what a creative pair! and such a simple home that doesn’t feel too minimal. you can tell they put a lot of thought into what they put in their home and where they place it. lovely.

  • I grew up in Sunnyvale, and it’s super surreal to see a Sneak Peek from my hometown! My parents (who still live there) just recently redid their kitchen and finally got rid of the awful avocado-colored tile counters, a relic of the mistakes of the seventies. Also, I love how streamlined and clean the space in this home is!

  • They’ve done a really nice job creating a clean, young, cheerful space. Sunnyvale is my hometown as well. It may not be considered a hotbed of design but growing up amid Eichlers has certainly informed my design aesthetic. Thanks for sharing!

  • Such simple and lovely space. I loved the pop of colors everywhere. Thanks for the post.

  • My mom was in the 1972 Olympics and we have a few posters she brought back as well. They were all so modern and gorgeous. Love it!

  • Really like the deliberate use of color in the home. While it’s minimalist and simple with the whites and grays, the splashes of color make it fun and lively at the same time! I likes!

  • Love the navy stools, we have them in black. They’re unbelievably comfortable! Beautiful home filled with nice light and brightness. I also love seeing someone else with Kostick Stars (dining room table). We have the same pair which are currently sitting on our fireplace mantle. They’re wonderful + timeless pieces.

  • Loving the white interiors!! my ultimate favorite! and HELLO~ this is as tidy as it gets!
    Looks awesome Aileen & Kevin!!

  • Such a stylish, modern and pleasant home, curling up on the couch with husband in a beautiful home like this must feel like in heaven. Love it!!!

  • Crisp clean lines without being sterile? LOVE IT. The dining room table and the wood floors really warm up the space and makes it feel like a home.