Rebecca Newport Paintings

I can’t believe that April is coming to a close! This month has been all over the place in terms of weather, so I’m hoping that May will usher in some consistently pleasant- and sunny!- weather. Our May editorial theme is especially festive, so I thought I’d preview it a bit with these colorful paintings from stylist, Rebecca Newport. Rebecca recently started selling her original paintings that are positively bursting with color. Some of them remind me of fireworks and well, after a spring that was pretty grey and cold, I’m happy to see some exuberance. The paintings above and below are my favorite, but you can check out the full selection online right here. Congrats on the new collection, Rebecca! xo, grace


I really like the balance of vibrant color and the delicate watercolor medium, also the organic sort of patterns. Lovely!


Beautiful but very similar to aboriginal paintings, especially one style depicting wind on the outback grass.