Past & Present Giveaway + Weekly Wrap Up

We’ve had so much fun indulging in all things green and outdoors this week. Not just because we all enjoy gardening and trying to be a little bit more earth-friendly, but because the weather lately has made it so easy to appreciate the outdoors! This weekend we’re all heading outside again- and down to Philly!- to join in Amy’s DIY class at Terrain on Sunday. If you’re in the area, I hope you can sign up and join us- it’s going to be a fun afternoon outside in a beautiful space.

To celebrate the event, we’re giving away the project I created for Amy’s book, a beautiful mirror mosaic planter. In the book, the project is paired with the history of Venetian mirrors, and it was inspired by the way the Hall of Mirrors reflect the vast gardens of Versailles. It’s the perfect project for a spring weekend and it certainly spruces up an everyday succulent perfectly. Just leave a comment telling us what you’d plant in the container and we’ll send it off to one of you! xo, grace

Image above: From Past & Present. Photography by Ellen Silverman Photography, Prop Styling by Randi Brookman Harris

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Gabriela Montero

Lovely planter! Def would plant an orchid =)


so cute – would plant pothos because it’s pretty much the only thing i can keep alive.


This mosaic planter would look so perfect with some bright colored flowers! In the very entryway of my home. It would be a vibrant and inviting piece.

Macy Koch

I would plant something funky and spiky to go with our contemporary living room design! This would be perfect!


I think I would put a smaller, hidden bud vase inside and display a single, really large Allum flower


It’s so pretty! I’d plant it just like you have it in the photo-with a cool looking succulent. I love the fancy/earthy juxtaposition!


This is such a nice planter! Gorgeous. I would plant a peace lily in it – great indoor plant and it’s really beautiful when it blooms.


I have a beautiful orchid that needs to be transplanted to a larger pot. This would do just fine!


I’d plant a succulent of sorts to go with my southwest theme – the mirrors would just jazz it up a bit!


That pot is so pretty, I’m in love! I would plant in it a christmas cactus my grandmother just gave me a cutting of.


I would use it to house a goldfish plant. That way when the vines (branches?) spill over, the green leaves and little orange flowers will be reflected in the bowl’s mosaic.

Amanda E.

An African Violet is what will go in here. Reminds me of my home country and also will be used in staging photos for our creatively painted furniture business :)

Ellen Turbyfill

It’s beautiful! An orchid would be gorgeous in it!!

jamie walls

It is gorgeous! I would use it to teach my 2 year old daughter, we would plant herbs so she could watch them grow!


That’s such a cool planter! I would try to grow some tulips for some spring color in my living room :)

Ish Acosta

I’d definitely go with an African violet! My grandmother loved them and would have pots of them all over the house when I was growing up. She recently passed and I think having a few scattered around my home will really help to keep a part of her with me constantly.

Alice Cruz

I like the plant that is in the photo!! …. but I don’t know his name, or something like green …… thanks! =)


How beautiful. I would plant a cutting from the plant my dad gave my mom when I was born. :)

Dana Cappelloni

A Streptocarpus!
Why? Firstly, I love the name (sounds pre-historic!). Second, it is winter right now, and these plants do well settled in cool, indirect light, which is fitting for this time of year. Lastly, the orchid-like purpose flowers would surely pop against the bright and glittery silver of the pot!


A succulent red cactus…the red would love lovely with the mirrors of the mosaic. :)

Arlyne C

It would have to be a succulent because I am into succulents and xeriscape plants since I live in Austin and our summers are so hot!


Nice, gorgeous planter! I love to plant a cactus in it – something I can actually keep alive! :)

Chelsea Ward

So pretty!!! I would love to plant some basil in it! With summer tomatoes coming I will be needing an ample stash of basil for summer pasta/bruschetta/salad feastings! It would be fun to have a whole little section of mirror mosaic planters filled with herbs too.


I’d plant some funky succulents! I have tried to keep other plants alive but that had been an epic fail!!! I love the mosaic planter!

Mary Beth

Your planter turned out great! I think I would plant some some large succulents in the pot. Rich green color with enough presence to compete with the vase.

Marie DeMars

I have a jade plant I’ve been nursing to adulthood who will be needing a new pot soon – it would be Gorgeous in this one!


I would put a lovely succulent in that would last. I have a similar mirror theme in my home with Indian mirrored pillows, and a mirror on the wall made up of smaller mosaic cut mirrors. It would go beautifully. I would buy something like this in a heartbeat. Very pretty.


Ooh! I have a beautiful lefse plant that my mother gave me when I moved from my childhood home in MN to live in NYC that has dropped a little baby lefse plant in the pot that now needs its own home – it would look stunning in this mosaic planter!


I have an African Violet I was given on mother’s day last year, as it was the first mother’s day after my mom had passed away, and it is still in it’s sad little plastic pot, so I think it is deserving of a much nicer home :)

Lauren Delgado

Maybe an aloe plant…. My thumb is not the greenest, plus aloe is useful!


I love anything mosaic tiled! I would definitely plant lavender. It would remind me every day of Provence, my favorite place in the entire world.


I would plant a “Joshua tree” seed. Hubby and I went on a FANTASTIC vacation, loved the Joshua tree park. From what I have read the seeds take forever to amount to anything. The gorgeous planter will look great on its own until the seeds turn into a great looking plant.


I seem to kill nearly every plant in my apartment besides succulents. So I’ll stick with what works and get another one of those!


My best friend’s wedding was last weekend and our bouquets were made of succulents and crespedia. I want to replant the succulents to remember the day and this would be a perfect container for them!


I have an orchid that is desperately in need of a glamorous new home. This would be perfect.

rebecca mebane

I’ve been meaning to get some aloe – this would be perfect.


I would use this pretty planter for a pineapple plant. I’ve always wanted to try growing one!


I’d plant aloe – I’ve been meaning to get some.


Oh that is so pretty!! I would plant a succulent garden and give it to my daughter, one of your biggest fans :-)


I have an avocado seed currently sitting in water on my kitchen sink – it is about to sprout, and I just know the plant would look gorgeous in that pot!


oooh I would either plant herbs in it or plant a cutting from my jade plant. It’s gorgeous!

heather f

Gosh, I’m not sure I would plant anything in it, but it would be a wonderful vase for big textured leaves

ashley r

Well, I just purchased a few plants from the Westport Terrain that are still in need of a good home! (oh, fingers crossed!)


If I could find a mini-citrus tree that was small enough to fit (like a kumquat bonsai) I would put it in there. Otherwise an anthurium.


A little mint plant to keep right by the door. I can grab some on my way out to freshen my breath after all that snacking I do!


Beautiful! I would plant a mix of different succulents in it. I’m loving those little plants right now!


This is so, so pretty and I’d love to plant an orchid in it! Lovely!


Oooo, so lovely! I would give my Lapideria margaretae succulent a new home. He’s a little young mimicry succulent that grows to resemble rocks to avoid being eaten by hungry grazers. Lucky for him (& me), I’m no grazer and instead just like to admire his subtle color and soft rock-like leaves. He even blooms bright yellow in the fall. Swoon!


I love the story behind this planter. I’m a French historian, and I recently taught the history of French/Italian mirror-making in one of my classes. I have a beautiful succulent (not sure of the type) that’s living in the boring plastic pot it came in, and I’d love to give it a home in this beauty.


I would plant a couple different succulents all together and up it in my entryway hallway!


With a beautiful planter like this, I would plant a succulent like Echeveria and add it to my growing backyard collection :)

Stephanie Lane

Well, I think the obvious plant would be a money tree, but sadly they don’t exist So I would chose my birth flower a red Aster


What a beautiful planter! I would love to find a fiddle leaf fig tree to plant in there! What a statement that would be! I have been seeing these plants on decorating blogs across the internet–now if only I could locate one locally! Wherever that planter goes, it will be sparkly and fresh!


Succulents. I’m sure this dazzling pot will inspire my thumb to turn green at long last! :)

Stefanie Lynch

I would love to plant a Pale Sedum in this beautiful planter. This would definitely satisfy my desire for a disco ball!


Disco Bell Hibiscus! I would keep it next to our record player and record collection. If I can’t have a discoball in my home I want this planter to remind me of a million fun jams I need to dig out and play!


I LOVE this! I’ve got a Dumb Cane that’s outgrowing it’s current pot that I would totally put in here. =)


I would plant ginger. I hear its supposed to be a lovely plant.


Such a beautiful vase and so much detail and work went into it. When you mentioned the gardens of Versailles my mind went immediately to the rose. I would plant a lovely tea rose in the vase. Oh that would be so pretty!

Katrina P

Gorgeous! I’d totally fill it with a glowering cactus. The mosaic mirror would really work work with a southwest theme!


Sage! I once had the best gin cocktail muddled with sage on a terrace in Santa Fe at dusk. Every now and again I get the urge to make one for myself at home, but I pretty much never have any sage on hand.

Jennifer I.

I’ve always wanted to plant some paperwhites! They’d look gorgeous in this pot!

Jennifer C.

I would plant some very colorful flowers so their beauty would be reflected all over the planter!


We have just moved from India to US & this gorgeous pot would be the most appropriate thing to plant “Tulsi” (Holy or Indian Basil) in! Most hindu homes in India have a Tulsi plant in their house which they offer water to every morning (as a form of worship)…..can only imagine how stunning this pot will look on our new window sill with the sun’s ray falling on it!

Shelley T.

probably a succulent because that’s all I can keep alive :p

Sunny M.

I would love to plant some sort of spiky cactus! So stunning!


Beautiful planter! It’s so sparkly and fresh! I would plant a fiddle leaf fig tree- I have been seeing them all over the web and one would certainly make a statement in this pot!


My grandmother’s gardenia! I think it’s ready for a Great Gatsby/Tender is the Night moment.


I have a jade plant that would love to be planted in this!

Grace Ishiki-Coutelen

the hubby and I just moved back to SoCal from France. We had his father’s Christmas cactus in a big blue pot for years. It unfortunately fell victim to the long journey. His bday’s coming up in May, and I’d like to get him another Christmas cactus and this pot would be a jazzy way to present it to him. The bright fuschia color of the flowers would really pop against the mirrors!


A single big, round, pale, hairy-looking cactus would be a nice hat for that thing. The sunburst mirror motif is asking for a Mexican vibe — perfect for my new apartment this summer.

Sarah Barnes

I’d plant it with a tree-shaped jade plant and some spongy moss, then let my kids add natural elements like stones or shells to make a fairy house.


I would draw a contrast between the smooth, shiny surface of the planter with a prickly cactus with red flowers that pop!


I’d plant the piece of my grandmother’s Christmas cactus I’ve been rooting. My grandmother died in 1983 and I’ve been nurturing and dividing the plant ever since.


I would plant the delicate orchid I received from my employer last week (it was my last day at work). It would be a wonderful juxtaposition of soft edges vs sharp edges. In addition, it will look great on my writing desk inspiring me to continue working on my new blogging site.


I would plant the ponytail palm given to me by my sweet daughter. It would shine.


This mirrored pot would brighten up a dark corner, so a Mother-in-law’s Tongue would do well…..they are great in low light and the long vertical spikes would be a nice complement to the curves of the container.


I would plant the Christmas cactus that my mom gave to me years ago. It would be perfect! Although it is April, it is blooming right now and is so pretty.. – I know it would be absolutely stunning in this planter :)

Gwen Koenig

I think if I had the planter, I would try out some sage….


Sorry if this comment posts twice- I would use it for herbs or for a jade plant made from the cuttings of my existing one!


Love this mirrored planter! Maybe I’d plant a little jade in it.

Sarah L

I am working on a whole family of hens and chicks – so that’s what I’d plant.


I would plant fresh catnip, so my cat & I could both enjoy it!


I think it needs to have something very green and leafy – maybe a fern?


I love this! Think it needs something green and leafy – maybe a fern?


I absolutely love mosaics! I”d like to start planting some herbs for the first time, so perhaps some basil.

Kathryn W

I have a Jade plant cutting that would be beautiful in that lovely planter!

Jackie Davis

I would replant one of my tiny shamrock plants in it. I love them & they would look beautiful in this pot.

Jen Hollywood-Showell

Thanks for the opportunity to win that pretty planter! I would def. put an orchid. They are one of the few houseplants that survive in my house and most of them even bloom for me each year.


What a beautiful planter! I love all the pattern of the mosaic mirrors. I think I would leave on my white console in my foyer and trade out what lives there, starting with renunculus and freesia.

Lori Hostetter

I love it. I would plant an orchid as I love them and it’s the only thing I can grow.


I would either plant a maidenhair fern or one of my baby succulents, so it’d have lots of room to grow!

Emily K.

I’ve been on a huge plant kick lately – I think a Snake Plant would look great in that container, or a large bamboo!

Kathy Webb

Know I would transfer one of my poinsettia’s in this. What a beauty!

Kathy Webb

I would transfer one of my poinsettia’s to this. What a beauty!


I would plant a mimosa plant in it! A funky plant that has leaves sensitive to touch would be perfect!

Elizabeth S.

I would plant mimosa, a funky plant that has leaves that are sensitive to the touch, would be perfect!


I would place this beautiful planter in my kitchen window so it could reflect light onto the walls/cabinets all around and would plant it full of a variety of little aeonium whose happy leaves could spill over the top edges.


I would love to plant basil in it, with my daughter & keep it on our table! Beautiful!


Love having fresh aloe around…definitely would use this planter!!!


Just this morning I bought a small pot of mint so
I would love to give it a glam, shiny planter !


string-of-pearls. their flowers smell like nutmeg. but anything would look beautiful in that pot!

Deborah Grimsley

I would love this planter for my bedroom. Gorgeous piece! I would probably plant some succulents.


I would plant my Ponytail Palmtree that needs a proper, pretty pot after I bought it from Walmart!


That’s the most darling container, and I can see it brightening up the little triangular alcove in my dorm room where I meditate, nap, sip tea in the morning, and do my readings. I’m a college student, and I’ve always wanted a little dwarf lemon tree to keep me company in my alcove. I’d love to win this planter, and congratulations to whoever does!


I would place it on the dining room table positioned so the late afternoon sun streaming through the patio doors would cause dots of light all over the ceiling and walls during cocktail hour.
It is a beautiful object without a plant, but I might use it as a cache pot for small seasonal indulgences such as hyacinths.


I think a delicate fern would look divine with the light bouncing off of the mirrors. I love it!


I would plant one purple rose succulent, for a splash of color, and some smaller sedum around it. So gorgeous!


I would plant a purple rose succulent, for a splash of color, and small sedum surrounding it. What a beautiful planter!


I think this beautiful planter would be perfect for some bright azaleas, something that might be found in those gardens at Versailles! Beautiful work, by the way – this planter is gorgeous!


i’d put a funky cactus in there and pray that my cats would leave it alone!! ;)


I’d put a smaller glass inside and display cut flowers in it. Wouldn’t roses look lovely in this?!!!


I’d put a glass inside and use it to display cut flowers. Wouldn’t it look lovely with roses in it?!!!


Love this planter! I have two little plants I’ve been nursing through the cold winter; I’d love to transfer one of them to this glamorous new home.


I would definitely plant an orchid in this pot. It would be the star flower of my dorm.

Cecile Lowrey

I would plant the ivy?, I’m not sure; that was part of the plants sent at my mom’s passing last August.


A Purple Rose a slow growing succulent! Actually I love to make a few of these pots; one for each of my grown children…AWESOME!


I would use this pretty planter for a maiden hair fern. It would totally brighten up one of my living room corners.

Hana Zeido

I would ‘plant’ my homemade paper flowers inspired by the talented Rachael Ashe. Throw in a few butterflies made from vintage dictionaries and wallah!

Jasanna Czellar

I’d love to plant some thyme in the planter!


I have a succulent that I rescued from my dear friend’s wedding bouquet that’s in need of a home. This container would be perfect!


That is such a lovely and so disco pot! It is glamourous!
I would love to plant my baby orange tree that is slowly growing out of it’s small bucket planter, but I still intend to keep it in a pot as a bonsai so to speak :) It even grew a flower!


Chives! This luminous planter would brighten up my small vintage kitchen table, in my equally small kitchen. It would be perfect inside, thus providing protection from damp Seattle weather, and giving me rain-free access to delicious chives (and blossoms), without having to brave the damp!


I loooove that planter! I would probably plant a unique cactus in it and put it in my kitchen. It’s a beautiful planter and would go great in the new apartment!


I would plant it with a paper/fabric flowers so the arrangement could last forever.


Gorgeous planter. I’d plant an herb mix in it, and put it on the windowsill in my brand spankin’ new white/green/grey kitchen. It would look smashing there!


I would plant our prayer plant in it. I think the graphic leaves would be a beautiful and striking combination.

Michelle B

I want to know what you have planted in it! I think I would plant a beautiful, minimalist succulent in there to keep it simple against that gorgeous vase!!


Our ancient and beloved jade plant would adorn your handiwork beautifully!

Jackie Peeler

I have the dark burgundy version of the succulent you planted growing outdoors, and I’d plant one stem of that — it should turn almost black in the lower light inside and be very stunning and modern.

Zoe Ganch

Kicking back to my Texas roots so of course i’d plant a cactus :) love the planter!

Veronica Adrover

I’d plant some of the purple shamrocks I love!


I would plant a jade plant that my mom just gifted me for my new apartment–it’s a cutting from the jade plant that I’ve grown up with in my family home.

Aracely Campbell

so pretty!!! would love that in the living room :)) i would plant anything. i live in minot nd and right we still have snow and going through a storm right now. so i will take anything green and bring spring inside the house :) Hope to be the lucky winner!


What an incredible planter! Even my boyfriend loves it. I would re-plant some of my Genovese Basil in this beautiful pot. Disco basil.

Erick Moreno

I adore that vase. If I had one just like it, I would plant an Oasis succulent. I think the glass shaped edges and the petals of the succulent would create a nice harmony.


I have an aloe plant that needs to be transferred to a bigger planter. If not that, then something really green – this is beautiful!

Yvonne S

I suddenly love to plant rosemary and keep it on my windowsill. Thank you for this giveaway!


I love the design. I’d plant all my pretty knitting needles!


I have a coffee plant with glossy, deep green leaves, and I’d put him in there because I think they’d look amazing together. (Not to mention the mirrors couldn’t hurt for getting him more light.) Now that I think of it, I bought him at the Gare de l’Est in Paris and I think my utilitarian German apartment is depressing him. Maybe a bit of Versailles would make him feel more at home.

I’m trying to keep him happy because I’m told if I cater to him for the next five years or so, he might give me a single cup of coffee.

Kelsie W

I’ve been dying to plant lemon seeds indoors, but i don’t have a cute planter like this yet! I have a tall, twiggy succulent I could plant as back-up, because, I’ll be honest, I’ve killed many plants in my time. :(


I’d put an indoor jasmine plant – beautiful and smells insanely good.


I would plant one of those ferns whose leaves curl up when you touch it.