Our Top 25 Watering Cans

Last weekend I hit up the incredible plant sale that Saipua had to support their new flower farm upstate. In addition to checking out some crazy beautiful plants and awesome cacti, I brought a few begonias and ferns home with me. I’m hopeful that my track record with these particular plants will mean they thrive in my apartment, but I’m already thinking about watering cans, natural fertilizers and other techniques I might need to keep them alive. Because I will inevitably make a mistake that requires a little nudging to bring them back to health. So to kick off my dedication to all things green thumb I thought I’d round up some great watering cans to get spring gardening season started. These are my top 25, but if you need a few more options, my full research roundup of 50 watering cans if right here on Pinterest. Happy gardening! xo, grace

Image above: Galvanized Watering Can $16-$29

Image above: 1. Red Watering Can $7 | 2. Orange Watering Can $57 | 3. Lemon Watering Can $34 | 4. Green Watering Can $10 | 5. Copper Watering Can $19 | 6. Blue Blossom Watering Can $30 | 7. Blue Watering Can $13.19 | 8. Purple Watering Can $13 | 9. Rose Pink Watering Can $13 | 10. Coral Watering Can $10.25 | 11. Yellow Watering Can $10

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Image above: 1. Floral Watering Can $27 | 2. Elephant Watering Can $40 | 3. Copper Watering Can $398 | 4. Cherry Blossom Watering Can $108 | 5. Floral Watering Can $46 | 6. Brass Watering Can $58 | 7. Zinc Watering Can $18 | 8. Tree Watering Can $22

Image above: X3 Watering Can $49-$99

Image above: Dolomite Watering Can $29

Image above: Eva Solo Watering Cans $49 each

Image above: Diva Watering Can $50

Image above: Pianto Watering Can $150


yes! and i’d love a roundup of indoor planters as well! i’m having a hard time finding a beautiful one at least 12x12in that doesn’t cost $300.


the elephant watering can is $40 for a 12 pack. you can get individual ones for about 6 bucks a pop! i love my bright blue one, we put googly eyes on it to make it extra silly looking.


When it comes to design in watering cans, practicality beats any cutesy, foo-foo gimmick. Maintaining a large landscape and fruitful garden allows one to focus on why the favorite watering can works well. I have carried 2 and 3 gallon watering cans in both hands over great distances to reach thirsty plants outdoors. The best watering cans offer good balance when fully loaded, they don’t tip over easily when set down, their handle is formed upright and stays upright for less bending to retrieve, and the rose (sprinkler) has holes of the right diameter to achieve the proper “shower” intensity. One other added perk, if the edge of the top catches overflow and directs it back inside the vessel, bonus points are awarded. I find the best ones to be the old ones, if still sound, at flea markets or yard sales.


I must second the recommendation for the Haws watering cans! They’re built to last. I had mine for over 20 years!

Emily Wignall

considering i just watered some newly planted plants in my teeny garden using a pitcher from my kitchen, this couldn’t have come at a better time! i’m loving the coral version!


I have the #4 watering can from the first set. It’s very convenient for the succulents on my front porch, and very easy to fill with water. Doesn’t hold a ton of water, but perfect for my needs :)