Odelae Hand-Stitched Journals

Earth Day always makes me think of using natural materials for projects and as decorations at home. We’ve got some great nature-inspired DIY projects coming up this week, but I wanted to share these incredible hand-stitched journals by Erica Ekrem of Odelae first. Erica intercepts old textbooks and vintage finds on their way to the landfill and combines with them found obkects like clam shells and driftwood planks to create incredible journals. The clam shell design above and below is my absolute favorite, but each of her journals have beautiful details and materials inspired by the ocean and land around Erica’s home on Orcas Island. Click here to check her entire shop and place an order online (prices range from $20-$75). xo, grace

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Nature star

Creatively beautiful journals -also saw on etsy .


I am going to order some of these journals on Etsy. They are beautiful and will make lovely gifts. I especially like the one with the butterfly.

Adriana Gallo

Beautiful! I’ve been on the lookout for inspiration for making my own sketchbooks, I just go through too many to keep buying them.


great work, just love them all, but especially the third from top – simply gorgeous!