Nina Azzarello’s Hand-Drawn Icons

by Grace Bonney

Maybe it’s the control freak in me, but I love being able to customize and tweak all aspects of the things I own. Whether it’s painting the legs of an Ikea couch or redoing the hardware on an old dresser, making a few changes to create a slightly more custom version of a standard object makes me happy. That custom obsession even applies to things like computers- so when I saw these beautiful hand-drawn icons from Nina Azzarello I was hooked. Nina is a graphic designer who created a set of hand-drawn and hand-cut computer icons that you can download and use to customize your computer desktop. Nina hand drew and cut out each little icon (for music, calendars, word processing, etc.) and then turned them into digital image files you can upload and use to replace the standard icons that come with your computer. I’ve always been someone who swapped out my desktop wallpaper on a regular basis, so I love the idea of designers creating more beautiful versions of the standard icons we all have to see on a daily basis. Click here to check out Nina’s website and here for her Etsy shop where you can buy and download this set of 12 icons for $6. Thanks, Nina! xo, grace

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