New: Gem Scarves from Cisthene

Before our week of celebrating natural materials comes to a close, I wanted to share these gorgeous new gem scarves from Jen Altman. Jen uses her own beautiful photography and applies it to 48″x48″ crêpe de chine silk fabric. The result is a stunning scarf that amplifies the beauty of natural crystals, stones and gems to the max. I want to drape myself in that amethyst scarf and listen to some Stevie Nicks. Who doesn’t love a little Stevie and crystals moment? xo, grace

Acanthus Nichole

I’ve been eyeing these for a looooong time and I finally treated myself the Agate one recently. I can’t wait to get it! I’m a jewelry designer so as much as I want to wear it, I’ve been really wanting to frame it and hang it in my studio because of the beautiful inspiration. I rarely buy myself major purchases, but this was one I just couldn’t pass up and I will keep forever!

Ashley Johnson

You are a bad influence today Grace! So far I have purchased one of the above scarves (the gorgeous fluorite one), as well as the book Gem & Stone, and two of the Odelae journals (including the clam one of course). These are gorgeous and AMAZING pieces. And I truly adore functional art.

My heart thanks you for the great finds, my bank account does not ;)


Grace Bonney


so glad you found a few pieces you liked. don’t feel so bad- you’re doing your part to support independent makers- that’s great! :)



Ooh, fun! I love seeing Jen apply her work to new things, her talent is boundless! The white quartz one has such a painterly quality, blown up so large. : )


oh my gosh. These are absolutely stunning. I must save up to buy one of these, I cant believe someone makes these! I need the labradorite one and the turquoise. In the words of rachel zoe: “i die” omg

Anne Marie Jackson

I love the layout of these scarves. Digital printing is opening up huge possibilities. Now fantastic photos can be worn. Beautiful work Jen.
Anne Marie Jackson/Pattern Occurring

fran Liscio

I agree with Grace. It is wonderful to support independent artists and makers. So much work, thought, financial investment, time, etc. goes into all the beautifully handmade and handcrafted, small batch pieces featured here, and it shows. Enjoy your purchases, they are beautiful and you deserve it!


Wow, very nice! Reminds me of trips to Arizona. Great idea Accanthus, think framing would be quite attractive!


How do you purchase them? I don’t see a price or link…