New from Xenia Taler

I’ve been following Chicago-based artist Xenia Taler since the early days of Design*Sponge. I first wrote about her back in 2005 and then at the 2006 Gift Fair and then again in 2007 when she launched her first website. It felt like a yearly traditional to celebrate her new work, so I’m excited that after a bit of a hiatus I’ve got a new post to celebrate her latest line of art tiles.

Xenia recently launched a huge new collection of decorative art tiles that are handmade and topped with a metallic copper overglaze. I love the combination of copper and black on white- it’s such a fun and modern spin on her more colorful early work. Mostly I love that all of these designs feel like tiny little badges of cuteness. From a safety pin tile and a crafty hardware badge (full of cute copper-colored nails) to a sweet copper pansy tile, there are dozens of new styles to choose from, ranging from about $20- $40 each. These new tiles are grooved in the back for hanging, but also have cork buttons on the bottom if you’d prefer to use these as a paperweight or coaster (please note: they’re not food safe). There are so many adorable designs but I’ve chosen my favorites above and below. You can check out the full line and shop online right here. Congrats to Xenia on the new collection! xo, grace

*You can check out Xenia’s 2009 Sneak Peek right here, too!


I’m so entranced by these! They are absolutely gorgeous. The color palette is fantastic.


Hi Grace! thanks for highlighting these new tiles -they certainly are lovely!

Did Xenia move to Chicago recently? I have always known her to be a Toronto-based artist. Would be sad for our city to lose her.


Thanks for all the nice comments! I am still here in Toronto but our work can be found in a few shops in the Chicago area – perhaps the reason for the mix-up. :)


I was just catching up on older D*S posts from when I was traveling in March. One of those posts was Christina’s Bathroom Before and After. The beautiful vintage before tiles spurred me to visit Xenia’s website, since it is my daydream to one day install tiles in a home of mine and use hers. I saw these new designs and then a few days later they made an appearance on Grace’s post!
Xenia- are you still doing (or have plans) to do solid tiles for backsplashes etc.?


Hi Stephanie,
No plans for solid colored tiles at the moment but thanks for asking.