New from MakeLike

by Grace Bonney

I always get excited to see an email from Portland’s MakeLike in my inbox. They’ve already nailed an awesome collection of nature-inspired wallpapers (Succulents, Cacti, Trees and Mushrooms), so now they’re moving on to something a bit more geometric. ‘100 Things’ is a new hand-illustrated product line that is part of their Shapes Collection and it will include tea-towels, pillow cases and, to start, wallpaper. Hand-silkscreened using water-based inks, their latest wallpaper comes in blue, red, grey and paintable white. I love the idea of a wallpaper that’s designed to be colored-in. We saw a few of those pop up a few years back, but there haven’t been many new designs since. So this shape-filled canvas is a great idea for anyone who wants to get a little DIY with their wall designs. Stay tuned for the rest of the Shapes collection products, but in the meantime you can check out the wallpaper and order online right here. xo, grace

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