Nate Berkus Arrowhead Rugs

by Maxwell Tielman

When I moved in with my boyfriend, I had no illusions about the tensions that often plague people living in confined quarters. I knew, for instance, that domestic disputes regarding dish washing, prolonged bathroom use, and sleep habits were likely to follow. Romantic comedies had prepared me for those things. What the movies did not prepare me for, however, were the hours spent bickering over completely inane things— like the correct color of duvet to match the sheets. Or the height of the picture frames from the floor. Or how many “shabby chic” items are permissible within one household (none, I would soon learn). Hollywood had prepared me for living with Ashton Kutcher. It had not, however, prepared me for living a man whose uptightness rivaled my own.

As anybody who has been in one can attest, relationships are all about compromise. It is because of this that the act of shopping now lacks the freedom it once had. When I used to peruse the home decor aisles of Target, for instance, I could throw things willy-nilly into my shopping cart, confident that the only critic I’d have to deal with at home was myself. This is not the case anymore. Things that I might have once purchased without debate now need to be weighed against my boyfriend’s taste. The question is not only “Do I like this?” but “will he like it?” Because of this, it’s become increasingly difficult to shop on my own.

This is why I became practically manic with glee when I stumbled upon Nate Berkus’s new Arrowhead rug at Target last week. I’ve been a huge fan of Target’s Nate Berkus collaboration in general, but this was beyond exceptional because I knew that both myself and my boyfriend could agree on it. It was black and white. It had triangles. It was wool. It was reversible. Did I mention that it was black and white? Sound the cute alarm! I reached for my phone, photographed the hell of that thing and began furiously texting my boyfriend. After waiting a few anxious minutes for a response, I got the go-ahead. BOOM! Ten points for Max! Finding agreeable rugs like a champ! I can do anything!

I ended up buying two of these bad boys (the runner and the full-sized rug) and bringing them straight back to the apartment. The full-sized guy is on the floor of our living room now and, I gotta be real, I am loving it. I’m usually suspicious of carpeting that runs this cheap (the smaller one was just $70), but the quality is quite remarkable given the price: the weave is nice and thick, it feels fantastic on the feet, and the fibers have a lovely coloring up-close. Moral of the story: Nate Berkus rugs—good for your relationship. —Max

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  • this post is adorable! as someone who has lived with my fellow designer fiance for the past few years, i’ve found it incredibly difficult to persuade him into liking things i’m loving lately, namely brass anything, and all-white walls. compromise is key, and it definitely does make shopping a task rather than a leisurely activity.

  • I’ve been looking for an area rug in a bolder, blue pattern but I like the subtlety of this one and it’s definitely more husband-friendly. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Ohthankgod. While I very much love the rug, I enjoy your narrative even more. I have been struggling with this same relationship issue since my unnofficial other half and I moved into our first “together” place 6 months ago. We had lived together before, but by the time he moved in, I already had everything just the way I wanted it. This new place is a different story and multiple times a week I find myself falling in love with products, only to have my joy dashed by his (obviously inexplicable) distaste for the same product. Several times I have found myself wondering if our relationship is destined to fail because he is not infatuated with a Craigslist Kent Coffey bargain or a teal and black throw pillow. It’s good to know that I am not the only one struggling with forcing my good taste on a significant other. Thanks so much!

  • Nate Berkus’ Target collection is really one of the better things I’ve seen in awhile. I love that it’s reversible, and I’m always a sucker for things that have a masculine feel with a light touch, and this fits the bill as being both hard/soft.

  • This article must be written by future me, two days from now. Because I will be going to Target tomorrow and buying this. We have been rug-less since we moved into our place in September because we CANNOT agree on a rug. Just showed this to him and he said “Done!”

  • Love this, but wish it was thicker. My silly cats have the uncanny knack for running and sliding full-force on thin rugs so they end up being bunched up!

  • I love this. If only I could keep my dogs from chewing any rug we bring into the house! Grr.

    Tell me about the chair in the photo! It looks like it’d be a suitable replacement for a traditional recliner.

  • Tell me more about the black and white but vaguely ethnic pillow Mekko is curled so lovingly against. Is it vintage? Is it an etsy find? I must know.

  • That is a very handsome rug, I wish I could get it here in Germany!

    Your whole story made me crack up so much, and I wonder if we get to hear Daniel’s side of the story on his blog :D

  • Sweet bejeezus. The amount of angst I have felt during my search for the right rug ridiculous and unhealthy…until this post came along. Rug purchased. It is PERFECT. Thank you!!

  • I was sold at the first photograph, but it’s reversible too?! How glorious is that!! As much as I love the dark side up, I’m almost more in love with the light side! Added to wishlist.
    Thanks for sharing this great find with us! :)

  • I had been searching for a rub for my living room for over a year. I bought this rug in olive last month (it was on clearance!) and am in love with it. I am even more in love now that it has been featured on design sponge!

  • Love the rug, wish there was a gray and white version. Black and white shows all our kitty hair too easily; even with vacuuming every day. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is something I’ve recently welcomed into our space though; any suggestions on making it more like your lovely tree and less like a bush?

  • I totally love this rug as well. I have the Nate Berkus comforter cover in the black and white, and was going to buy the b&w rug, but have nice thick carpet in the bedroom and thought it might be too much, as well as too much b&w. So I bought the green one for my entryway. I bought the smaller one as well, and I may hang it on the wall in another room. Love most ALL of the Nate Berkus, getting it on clearance is an added thrill.

  • I just had to send this post to my boyfriend! So true. AND you just made me buy this rug… my place is on the market and I needed something my taste but more neutral for living room staging purposes. The current cowhide wasn’t cutting it, according to the realtor.

  • Great rugs – I wish I could get them where I live now (Ecuador) :-(
    Your apartment is lovely, and I’m VERY envious of the Eames chair!

  • I love Nate Burkus’ designs. Rugs add so much character to a room. I’ve found one per room is less impactful on the eyes. Rugs are funny, especially if there’s a protrusion under them?, they can cause trips and become a safety problem.

  • You said it Mister. Max, I was also at target and surprised to see how much I enjoyed some of the items in Nate Berkus’ line, and pointed out to my boyfriend “hey, these are kind of nice”. To my second surprise, my amazingly chill and not-at-all-uptight boyfriend scrunched his nose. I’m going to show him this post to see how well you’ve used the rugs. Is that your pup on the couch? Geebus, dyin’ of the cute over here.

  • You are so spot-on with this post! When my bf and I moved in together, we decorated with a lot of stuff that I already owned, mostly because my boyfriend’s previous bachelor pad was devoid of textiles. As a result, our bedroom currently features a small pink, green and silver woven rug–not my bf’s fave. I saw this post this morning, and found the rug this afternoon at a Target in Pennsylvania (I’m visiting my sister from Brooklyn). The kicker: on sale for $105!! Suburban Targets are a gold mine. Plus, I now get big ups for taking my bf’s design sensibilities into account.

  • I have the runner of this rug and I love it too. Wondering if I can put it in the washing machine though…it’s a 100% wool. Comments?

  • When you get tired of the rug, let me know. I have been looking for about a year now! It would be perfect for my boys’ room. If you stumble upon something pretty close to this, I would be forever grateful if you could forward me the info. I need a cute black rug to call my project done! :)

  • Check out patternsociety.com black rug with white first aid crosses or society6 or ikea:)
    But yah this carpet is great I wish he still made it, I would buy it in a heartbeat;) good luck

  • I’m curious… How any of you feel about your Nate Berkus Arrowhead rugs after all this time? How do they feel underfoot? That is assuming they kept around this long. :)

  • I have been obsessed with finding this rug but know it is a longshot 5 years after it was issued. If anyone knows of anything comparable in wool please share. I really hope Target or Nate Berkus re-issues this!

  • Seriously – if you’re ready to redecorate I’ll buy this rug off you. Lemme know. Thanks!